Gal Gadot Confirms Plans for The Third Standalone WONDER WOMAN Movie

Photo from Gal Gadot’s Instagram

Gal Gadot Confirms Plans for The Third Standalone WONDER WOMAN Movie

By Movieguide® Staff

Gal Gadot is set to come back as Wonder Woman in her third installment of the DC’s new WONDER WOMAN franchise. 

WONDER WOMAN 1984 was one of the first tentpole movies to test the waters with the deal between HBO Max and Warner Bros. and Movieguide® honored it as one of the Best Movies of 2020 for Mature Audiences. 

Shortly after WONDER WOMAN 1984, Warner Bros. greenlit a third WONDER WOMAN movie.  

Gadot confirmed the news in a recent interview with InStyle where she said of the new movie: “We’re developing the script right now. We’ll probably start in a year and a half or so.”

This likely means fans of the first two Gadot-led DC movies will have to wait for a while before WONDER WOMAN 3. 

In total, Gadot has played Diana in six DC Comic blockbusters, if you include Zack Snyder’s cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE.  

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of the latest WONDER WOMAN flick reads

WONDER WOMAN 1984 takes Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, from World War I to 1984. In 1984, a power-obsessed con man gets his hands on a magical artifact from Ancient Rome that makes a person’s biggest wish come true. The wishes always come with a price, however. The con man’s use of this magical power threatens to destroy the world. Wonder Woman must find a way to stop him. However, she accidentally used the artifact to bring back her one true love. As a result, Wonder Woman’s super powers are getting weaker and weaker.

WONDER WOMAN 1984 is an exhilarating, exciting superhero movie with a lot of heart. The characters are well defined and engaging. The acting and direction are top notch. Even better, the movie stresses positive values, including Truth, Love, Kindness, and Joy, which overcome selfishness and greed for power. However, WONDER WOMAN 1984 contains brief though mostly light foul language. It also contains some Non-Christian pagan, mythological references. Finally, at one point, WONDER WOMAN 1984 suggests two couples have slept together. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children.

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