Goldie Hawn on Cancel Culture: ‘The Level of Sensitivity is Unforgiving’


Goldie Hawn on Cancel Culture: ‘The Level of Sensitivity is Unforgiving’

By Movieguide® Staff

Hollywood veteran and dancer Goldie Hawn, best known for CACTUS FLOWER, recently revealed how she has seen the industry change.

Hawn, 77, noted that Hollywood too often relies on cancel culture as a means of punishment.

“I think that it’s important to stand vigilant on people’s behavior and really understand when they’re out of line and be able to handle it,” Hawn told Variety in a recent interview. “But I’m concerned about these areas: Suddenly you don’t have a job. Suddenly you can’t date a woman within the business or you’re going to get fired. They’re canceling books – classic books that no one can read. I don’t like that.”

“There’s mistrust everywhere. So not only is there cancel culture, but there are culture wars. Schools are being politicized. But for the greater good of our children? No one’s really looking at that,” she said.

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES star added that she hopes mainstream culture can reach a middle ground.

“There’s a disruption now. Disruptions are good. But imbalance isn’t. I hope to get back to some level of sensibility and fairness. So ‘cancel culture.’ The word itself scares me more than anything. It’s rigid, concretized thinking, which is not good. It’s got double edges on it. And who has the right to cancel?” she said.

“The level of sensitivity is so high that comedians are afraid to tell certain jokes the way they used to. And it’s a bit of a quandary for comedians; there are things you can’t say and so on and so forth. I mean, it’s fine. There are certain areas that I agree with. But the level of sensitivity is unforgiving,” she added. “That’s not a good feeling when you’re in a creative mode.”

Hawn added that cancel culture also stifles previously grandiose events such as the Academy Awards.

“It used to be elegant,” Hawn said. “I’m not old-fashioned, but sometimes jokes are off-color. And I’m missing reverence. Things have become politicized. I want to see people in awe. I want to see people believing again. I want to see people laughing more in a way that isn’t just at someone else’s expense.”

Hawn is in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Kurt Russell. The couple stars in the family-friendly, holiday franchise, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES.

Movieguide® previously reported:

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2 star Goldie Hawn said that she is grateful to show love and kindness through her character in Netflix’s THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES series.

“It’s such a gift,” the 75-year-old Academy Award-winning actress and grandmother told the Christian Post. “It’s like, ‘Thank you.’ I actually personify a really kind person … a kind-hearted mother figure. I thought it was really, really, really wonderful.”

Hawn co-stars alongside Kurt Russell, whom she’s been with for 37 years. The couple portrays the iconic holiday duo Santa and Mrs. Claus in the Christmas movie sequel.

Russell, who also starred in the first movie, noted the religious roots of the real-life Santa Claus and called him “one of the most important characters of all time.”

“I can’t believe I get the opportunity to play him,” Russell said. “He [was] a real man, a real person, a very religious person. He found a way to not only enjoy life but enjoy what he could be over a 1,700 year period.”