Good Letter to the Editor

Dear Ted:

Thanks for the preview on this new child destructive movie.  Two items in the film’s credits immediately struck me.

First off, two of the producers are Will Ferrell and his longtime SNL associate, Adam McKay.  Both have histories of lewdity, profanity and child exploitation on their records… and often in collaboration.  The best remembered of these was a pathetic film short where Ferrell plays a delinquent house renter being cussed out by his “landlady”- a tiny blonde headed toddler.  That was Pearl McKay.  Adam’s daughter.  He DEFENDED this publicly, declaring that it would

do his little girl no harm.  In nearly the same words did Chloe Moretz’s mother defend her 11 year old daughter’s foul lines and performances in “Kick Ass”.


Second; this film was made by The Motion Picture Group.  You may remember that it was this organization, run by a notorious child exploiter named Scott Franklin, that took over the “Hounddog” movie in late 2006.  In concert with the original producers, TMPG poured money into the film’s “rehabilitation” (something they specialize in with such movies), presented it at Sundance 2007 and then poured even more money into an ill-conceived publicity campaign there when it became roundly castigated for gross child sexuality.  The Group almost went bankrupt because of it.  Obviously, they’ve merely improved their marketing techniques since.  Not their inclinations.

Why is it that, almost every time I see a movie with juvenile lewdity being presented, I find physical connections to someone associated with the “Hounddog” event?  Nor would I be surprised to discover that one or more of the underage cast have an agent by the name of Cindy Osbrink.

One other note.  Ferrell’s “Talladega Nights” movie was notoriously profane and featured children in situations of adultery and other despicable situations.  One such scene included a brief appearance by a young North Carolina actor as a pizza delivery boy.  It was his first film.  His second was as the molester of a 12 year old girl in the most depraved movie ever made in America.  His name is Christoph Sanders- now 22.  The child actress was Dakota Fanning.  And the movie was “Hounddog”.

Here are some of the key players in the cycle of Hollywood’s now established corruption and legitimized obscenities with children.  Their names keep appearing and their works keep on happening.  They are the ones that must be stopped.