Gov’t Ignores Benefits of Religious Broadcasters

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright says that the government’s debate over funding National Public Radio and PBS ignores one public servant that really does deliver the goods – religious broadcasters.

Instead of funding the atheist, left-leaning NPR and PBS, Craig Parshall, NRB’s senior vice president, suggested two non-funding measures to help religious broadcasters serve the public interest.

“First,” he suggested, “nonprofit religious broadcasters should be given more latitude to raise funds on-air for other legitimate non-profit groups. Second, non-commercial religious stations need fewer constraints in seeking program sponsorship from corporate and business underwriters.

“We are not asking for financial bailouts,” Parshall noted. “We are simply asking to be bailed out of the ‘lock up’ of federal rules that keep us from competing with the likes of NPR and PBS.”

Amen, brother!

– Source: NRB, 11/16/10.


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