Greg Laurie Releases New Book About Faith and Rock & Roll: ‘No One Is Beyond The Reach Of God’

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Greg Laurie Releases New Book About Faith and Rock & Roll: ‘No One Is Beyond The Reach Of God’

By Movieguide® Staff

Pastor Greg Laurie announced the release date of his new book, “Lennon, Dylan, Alice and Jesus: The Spiritual Biography of Rock and Roll,” which is available to order on May 17.

In the most recent episode of the “A New Beginning” podcast, Laurie explained why he would include Jesus’ name in a list of rockstars.

“Go to the Bible and look at Jesus and Nicodemus, Jesus and Zacchaeus, Jesus and the woman at the well, Jesus and the woman caught in the act of adultery, it fits because my point is, take these iconic people and I want to tell you about their spiritual journeys,” he said.

“I wrote this book to show you sort of a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to have that kind of success. Also to show you the challenges they face, the temptations they have to deal with, but also the power of God to transform people that have hit rock bottom, most notably, Alice Cooper,” he continued.

Laurie, who has conducted several interviews with the rock icon in the past, said the book focuses on his path to salvation.

“Alice Cooper, at one point in his life was the number one rock star in the world,” Laurie explained. “He became so involved with drugs, specifically cocaine, it looked like surely he was going to overdose. He had a rock of cocaine the size of a softball. He put his wife’s dresses over the windows, and no one could see in his house, and he started to snort that rock of cocaine. He became so out of it. He looked in the mirror and there was blood coming out of his eyes. Alice said to me, ‘I’m not sure if it was a hallucination, or if it actually happened, but I knew I was going to die. It was at that moment, I called out to God and God heard my prayer and transformed [me].'”

He added: “Now when you talk to Alice Cooper today, you can’t believe he lived that life. He’s such a transformed person.”

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Laurie said that while the book’s focus is on rockstars and rock and roll, it does not glorify the music or the people.

“In this book, this is not glorifying rock music or rock musicians. This is a book that is exploring the lives of people that have basically experienced everything this world has to offer, and it found it empty.” he said. “It’s sort of a modern version of the story of Solomon, who had everything this world offers. Then he concludes it was all emptiness. It was like chasing the wind. It was like a bubble that bursts. When you’ve climbed to the top of the mountain, and you’ve been all that and a bag of chips, when you’ve been on a lunchbox or on a t-shirt, people have your poster hung in their room, you realize how empty all of that is.”

“Christ is the answer,” he continued. “Now God may bless you with success. God may bless you with fame. God may bless you with other things but don’t make that the sole purpose of living. Here’s what the Apostle Paul said: ‘to live is Christ.’ For some people, if they were honest, they would say to live is possessions. Their motto would be ‘he who dies with the most toys wins.’ Live for Christ. Put God first.”

Laurie said that he hopes the book will encourage people to pursue Christ and pray for the unbelievers in their life, to trust in the power of God for salvation.

“I start the book with these words, ‘There’ll be three surprises when we get to heaven. Number one, some of the people we thought would be there won’t be there. Number two, some of the people we never thought would be there will be there. Surprise number three, you’ll be there.’ So these are some of the people you never thought would be there who will be there, because no one is beyond the reach of God.”

“We need to be praying for these iconic rock stars who have had so much success and pray that God gets hold of them,” he said of modern-day pop stars.” Also pray that the Lord would cause them to use their massive platforms for His glory and talk about Jesus Christ.”

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