Greg Laurie to Release BEN BORN AGAIN Cartoon This Spring

Photo from Greg Laurie’s Instagram

Greg Laurie to Release BEN BORN AGAIN Cartoon This Spring

By Movieguide® Contributor

Pastor Greg Laurie announced that his evangelism cartoon, THE ADVENTURES OF BEN BORN AGAIN AND YELLOW DOG, based on a caricature of himself, will be released soon.

“I am excited to announce that my cartoon character, Ben Born Again and his buddy, Yellow Dog are now animated and our first cartoon is coming very soon!” Laurie announced social media along with a sneak peek. “The first one is titled THE BRIDGE IS OUT. These cartoons will be both entertaining and evangelistic. I think you are going to like them.”

Laurie first revealed that he was working on this project last September as a fun way to share the Gospel with people of all ages.

Ben Born Again and Yellow Dog stem from cartoon characters he created in the ’70s to share his newfound faith with a wide audience. Through these characters, he developed a Gospel tract that has been shared with over 1 million people.

“Drawing and art played a huge role in my development,” Laurie explained at the time of the announcement. “It was a place for me to escape to get away from the crazy life that was happening around me and to connect to something bigger than myself and my circumstances.”

“I want to tell these little stories but they have a heavenly meaning,” Laurie later added. “I want to reach people with humor but then they have something bigger to say. Through THE ADVENTURES OF BEN BORN AGAIN AND YELLOW DOG, we feel like we can take animation and sort of turn it on its head with something they haven’t seen before: an animated cartoon that has a wholesome, good, family-oriented message but even more, a message of the Gospel.”

Though he has yet to provide a set release date, Laurie is encouraging people to be on the lookout for the cartoon, which will be released “very soon.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Pastor Greg Laurie recently shared two cartoon characters he created that he wants to turn into a show to teach people about the Gospel.

“These are my 2 characters that I have been drawing for years, ‘Ben Born-Again and Yellowdog.’ These images look different [than] the way I draw them because these are the fully animated versions! We are working on some cartoon adventures that will reach our kids with the Gospel. More to come later,” Laurie shared on Instagram.

Ben Born-Again is a character that Laurie developed in the ‘70s, soon after he came to faith, as a way to share his belief with a larger audience. The character was featured in multiple tracts, sharing the Gospel in a more approachable way through cartoons.