Fox News’ Harris Faulkner’s ‘Most Personal’ Project Honors Father’s Military Service

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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner’s ‘Most Personal’ Project Honors Father’s Military Service

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Harris Faulkner celebrated ten years of hosting Fox News’ hit show OUTNUMBERED and discussed her upcoming special FOOTSTEPS OF MY FATHER which explores what her father lived through during the Vietnam War.

Faulkner has been a co-host on OUTNUMBERED since its launch. It’s one of Fox News’ top shows and ranks as one of the top-rated daytime talk shows.

“From the moment the studio doors opened for the first time, it was obvious to me that this would be a hit. I could just feel it,” Faulkner told PEOPLE. “As the remaining original co-host and a co-creator of OUTNUMBERED, my vision was and still is, to bring non-scripted, spicy discussion to an audience that appreciates the truth and good TV.”

“For 10 years my behind the scenes life on OUTNUMBERED has been a delicious mix of motherhood; up and down with my weight; keeping up with the biggest breaking news, political elections and road trips gathers America’s most important stories,” she added. “And viewers show us every day that they enjoy being along for this joyous ride that rates like pancakes.”

As she continues to host OUTNUMBERED, Faulkner remains a journalist at heart, throwing herself into projects that allow her to get back into the field. Her upcoming special that looks at the Vietnam War is the most personal project she has worked on as she tackles the experiences her father faced over 40 years ago.

“This is the most personal I have ever been in front of the camera,” she said. “Trekking my dad’s combat trail in Vietnam was almost too much for my heart to take at times. I carried his burial flag with me in my backpack. When I landed in Vietnam there was a rush of emotions. I missed my parents more than ever.”

In the series, Faulkner retraces “her father, Lt. Col. Bobby Harris’ footsteps through Vietnam where he served two tours of duty as an Army Combat pilot during the war. Featuring lessons of bravery, faith and perseverance, the program will provide an in-depth look at the war through the lens of historians, veterans and family members,” Business Wire reported.

“What I thought I knew about that war and his involvement ended up being just a tiny snapshot of the realities of fighting in a war that the U.S. citizens would come to protest against,” Faulkner continued. “My father served two tours of duty in America’s mighty mission to preserve democracy in a faraway nation that was being swallowed up by the spread of communism.”

“My dad died Christmas Day of 2020. He was dressed for the day, looking sharp and at peace. The Lord has him now,” she added. “Vietnam reminded me of my faith and my singular purpose to live a life that will deliver me to heaven to thank Dad with renewed vigor and understanding, for his service of our great nation.”

VIETNAM: FOOTSTEPS OF MY FATHER WITH HARRIS FAULKNER debuted on Fox Nation on May 16. The three-episode limited series is available there.

Movieguide® previously reported on Faulkner:

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner recently opened about her testimony and the reason she believes she must share her faith with others.

Faulkner said that her faith journey started at a young age, with her parents.

“My parents were very strong in their faith,” Faulkner told Faithwire in a recent interview. “[M]y father was at war more than once; he was a combat pilot in Vietnam, two tours. It was my mom and me for a while when I was little. And as young as I can remember — probably about two, maybe three — mom taught me how to pray.”

When Faulkner was 6 years old, her mother noticed that her daughter had a knack for talking, and began to brainstorm how she could use that for the Kingdom.

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