Heaven is STILL for Real at the Box Office

The Christian movie is still at it. This time the $12 million budgeted HEAVEN IS FOR REAL trounced the $28  million budgeted action movie BRICK MANSIONS and horror movie THE QUIET ONES.  HEAVEN IS FOR REAL earned $14.3 million in its second weekend, while BRICK MANSIONS only pulled in $9.5 million in its first. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL averaged $5,305 per theater, BRICK MANSIONS $3,595.

This is the second shocking success in two months. GOD’S NOT DEAD with a budget of $2 million came in 11th in its sixth week and has now earned $52,705,000, wildly surpassing expectations.

The controversial NOAH movie, with a $125 million budget, came in 14th last weekend and has now made $97 million in the United States and $320,664,000 worldwide.

SON OF GOD, the reworked story of Jesus from THE BIBLE series that was such a hit on the History Channel, it ended up earning $59,569,000 million.

Next to come will be MOM’S NIGHT OUT on May 9, which has a wide appeal to both Christian and secular audiences, even though some of its cast, including Alex Kendrick, is more likely to draw those from the evangelical community.

There’s more to come after that. In years past it was a delight to get one or two profoundly Christian movies. We’ve had multiple come out this year successfully, and it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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