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By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

As you may have heard, MOVIEGUIDE® is asking Hollywood to end its failed ratings system and institute a standards-based Entertainment Code of Moral Decency similar to (but slightly updated from) the old Production Code that created the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which runs the ratings system for the six major movie studios in Hollywood, is vulnerable, what with all the new competition from Cable, Satellite and the Internet.

Now is the time, therefore, to help Hollywood regain the wholesome quality and financial success of its Golden Age, when it was a wonderful life in America because Mr. Smith went to Washington, Ricky still loved Lucy, and the Bells of St. Mary’s rang across the land.

The exciting thing is that the major movie studios and TV networks have good economic reason to abide by a revived motion picture code. The world actually wants cleaner movies. Vulgarity, sex and nudity hurt box office results!!!

Also, a standards-based Motion Picture Code of Decency is not censorship. It is a business operation standard saying, “We choose not to produce movies with certain objectionable content that isn’t profitable, economically, morally or spiritually.”

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And, please help this campaign be successful by telling your relatives, friends, neighbors, church and/or by making a donation at or by calling 1-800-899-6684.

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