Help Stop Satanic Disney+ Series

Help Stop Satanic Disney+ Series

By Movieguide® Staff

At one time, Walt Disney Studios and its streaming platform Disney+ prided itself on family-friendly movies and series.

However, in a misguided effort to build up their streaming catalog, Disney+ has accepted more media with immoral, sexualized content.

Disney+ has greenlit a new German original series, PAULINE, that follows a love story between a teenage girl and the devil.

“Pauline follows the eponymous protagonist, an 18-year-old who accidentally becomes pregnant – from a one-night stand. With school stress, the climate crisis and the downfall of society weighing heavily on her mind, something she doesn’t need at all right now is catching feelings, especially not for her one-night stand Lukas, who, as it turns out, is the devil himself,” Deadline reported of the series.

Movie-goers witnessed Disney’s lack of audience awareness last year after the company lost over $100M each of their animated movies, LIGHTYEAR and STRANGE WORLD. Both these movies, and now potentially the series PAULINE, is content directed at children under the age of 18-years-old.

Not only does the show normalize satanic content in the media, but this twisted series paints the devil as a romantic interest.

However, you can help stop Disney+ from ever streaming PAULINE.

How to Help:

Founder and publisher of Movieguide® Dr. Ted Baehr recently released this statement on the show: “We must act now to petition Disney to reconsider their decision to platform this evil show. We need to inform the studios that there are still discerning viewers and parents who won’t allow this content be viewed by our children! Pauline has not been released yet, and we can still STOP this show from progressing any further! However, time is of the essence, and we need to act fast before the show goes up on Disney+!”

Sign the Petition Here: https://www.movieguide.org/petition/stop-disney-pauline

To help Movieguide® in the fight against immoral content and attacks against our children through what they can access on screen, we need your support.

We’re committed to reaching thousands of concerned citizens nationwide and to help us spread the word, we’ve partnered with Citizen-go, a prominent online petition group. Together we can spread the word and gain thousands of petitions against this grotesque and satanic series.

Your contribution, no matter how small, is crucial in funding this campaign! It allows us purchase advertisements to reach discerning viewers like yourself, and petition to the studios in Hollywood to STOP Pauline from releasing.

You can Donate Here to help us Stop Disney+ from Hosting PAULINE!

If you want to see Pauline canceled, please, consider supporting this campaign today with a donation! It’s going to take all of us to make a difference for our children and grandchildren.

We are a crowdfunded organization, supported by people like you. These are some of the reasons why our supporters choose to give.

"I like that you support Christian values in such a secular and godless industry. "

You can make a difference with as little as $7. It takes only a moment. If you can, consider supporting our ministry with a monthly gift. Thank you.

Movieguide® is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

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