HGTV’s Jenny Marrs Shares Tips for Traveling with Children

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HGTV’s Jenny Marrs Shares Tips for Traveling with Children

By Movieguide® Contributor

As many families hit the road this summer, FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently took to Instagram to share her tips for traveling with kids. 

She and husband Dave share five children — twins Nathan and Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke — and traveled to Europe with them earlier this year. 

The reality star shared her tips in the caption of a video that showed her kids having fun while playing on an Italian beach:

My top traveling-with-kiddos tips:

    1. Embrace the adventure. Magical moments happen when you release your plans and set down the guidebook. Things won’t go perfectly but remember: it’s all part of the adventure. {Yes, you may stall the five-speed car and block traffic and start to cry because you can’t figure out how to reverse and people are honking and shouting words you can’t understand, but, your husband will pull over and run along the highway and jump in the car to save the day. And, once again, you are grateful and reminded that life really is one great, big, wild adventure}. 
    1. Lower your expectations. Your kiddos will not be able to appreciate every museum and monument and historical site. It’s okay if they don’t appreciate the “pile of rocks” (deep breaths) because this is their vacation too. Sometimes, you need to forget the “must-see” list, grab a gelato, find the sea and let them swim. 
    1. Remember to rest. Slow down. Don’t come home more exhausted from the trip than when you left. Exhale. 
    1. When crankiness rears its ugly head, turn to the basics: food, water and a nap. 
    1. Upon arrival, buy the necessities. A soccer ball to kick around the piazza (and help facilitate new friendships) and a few small toys to entertain the littles. {We got more use out of the 7€ set of tiny trucks we bought Luke at the start of the trip than about anything we brought with us. New trucks are just more fun}.
    1. Your kids will surprise you. They’ll try new things and meet new people and their natural curiosity will usher in beautiful teaching moments. I know it can feel overwhelming to plan an international trip with littles but, I promise that the memories created as you navigate the world together will be ones you will absolutely cherish.

Marrs then asked her followers for any tips that she missed, and many obliged, reminding parents to pack light, plan ahead, and factoring in a “Rest Day” while on the go. 

As the summer continues, families will definitely take some of Marrs’ tips to heart as they travel with their children!



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