Hockey Star Recalls the Moment He Dedicated His Life to God: ‘It Was a Miracle’

Photo from Josh Manson’s Instagram

Hockey Star Recalls the Moment He Dedicated His Life to God: ‘It Was a Miracle’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Colorado Avalanche hockey team recently celebrated their Stanley Cup victory, and defenseman Josh Manson thanked God for their big win. 

Manson shared that his Christian faith helped him persevere and work hard in Hockey and in his personal life. 

Manson became a Christian after his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma and given three months to live. The hockey player got down on his knees and asked God to heal his mother, promising that he would give his life to God. 

Manson’s mother was given an experimental treatment and declared cancer-free a few months later. 

“It was a miracle, and God did that. There’s no other way to describe it,” Manson said

He had a chance to act on that promise to God when he met a woman who would end up becoming his wife. 

“I knew it from the moment I met her that she was going to be my wife,” Manson explained. “On our second date, she told me that she was a Christian and that she believed in God, and that I would have to go to church with her, and what I did with it from there would be up to me. But I remembered the promise that I made to God.”

‘The two got married and soon welcomed a baby.

The hockey player also discussed how becoming a father strengthened his faith. 

“When I held my baby for the first time, I thought, ‘Wow, this is how Jesus loves me,'” he shared. “If my child ever walked away from me and distanced herself, that would make me so incredibly sad. I would want to bring her closer to me. That realization really brought things into perspective for me because I know my Heavenly Father feels the same way about me.”  

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