Hollywood Actor David Oyelowo Says Family, Faith Inspired New Movie THE WATER MAN 

Hollywood Actor David Oyelowo Says Family, Faith Inspired New Movie THE WATER MAN 

By Movieguide® Staff

Award-winning actor David Oyelowo—known for SELMA and QUEEN OF KATWE—produced, directed and starred in a new family movie, THE WATER MAN.

Oyelowo’s career has included a wide variety of projects, but the veteran actor recognizes the importance of family-friendly movies.

“The inspiration for doing the film was other films that I think do this same thing incredibly well,” Oyelowo said. “One of the things I love about Pixar movies, is the fact that they also ask those questions. Look at a film like UP… look at THE INCREDIBLES … and I think the reason why those films are either classics or are going to be classics is because the whole family can watch them and the whole family can get something from them. And they’re actually about something.”

Oyelowo and his wife, Jessica, share four kids, that he says also inspired him to make a movie that centers around family and allows families to watch together.

“I have four kids. I kind of made this film very much with them in mind,” Oyelowo said. “I wanted to see those conversations had in a film because so often we would watch films together big tentpole movies that we would enjoy, but there wasn’t as much substance to them, they didn’t elicit a conversation, not the likes of which I had with my parents after I watched E.T., for instance.”

Faith also plays an essential role in Oyelowo’s life. While it is not explicit in most of his movies, it is always a source of meaning for Oyelowo in the movies he creates.

“In all of my work, I want to address the issue of faith without being prerogatory. You know, without sort of making it what the entire story is about. But it’s such a huge part of my own life that there is not a piece of work I do that doesn’t sort of touch on that in some way,” Oyelowo said, adding of THE WATER MAN: “When you have a kid who is basically decided to exhibit sacrificial love for his mom, who he’s on the precipice of losing, I mean, no one exhibited that better than Jesus Christ. And, you know, also the theme of what happens afterwards? And what can you control and not control, and how much just loving the moment you are in because you’re not promised tomorrow. These are all of course, you know, very pertinent biblical themes.”

THE WATER MAN is the sixth movie produced by Oyelowo and his wife under their Yoruba Saxon production company.

Oyelowo is known for his roles in THE MIDNIGHT SKY, INTERSTELLAR, LINCOLN, RED TAILS, THE HELP, and more.

In 2015, Brian Bird’s CAPTIVE, starring Oyelowo, was honored at the Movieguide® Awards.

Oyelowo said: “Very quickly, I was inspired to make this film because I know in my life, I have seen that God turned brokenness into beauty. That’s what we wanted to show with the film, and I just feel very blessed we got to do it. Thank you, and thank you, Lord.”

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