Hollywood Director Shares His Must-Hear ‘God’ Message

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Hollywood Director Shares His Must-Hear ‘God’ Message

By Billy Hallowell, Contributing Writer

Filmmakers Jon and Andy Erwin surprised the box office with their movie, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, a 2018 feature film about Mercy Me frontman Bart Millard’s life story.

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE won Movieguide®’s Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring Movie of 2018. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE was also nominated for the best Family Movie of 2018.

The Erwins, who are brothers, have also directed films like FULLY ALIVE and OCTOBER BABY, which are both streaming right now on PureFlix.com.

While the duo had already found success with these movies and other films, they — along with the entire entertainment industry — were shocked when I CAN ONLY IMAGINE released and raked in more than $83 million domestically.

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In a recent interview with PureFlix.com’s “Pure Talk,” Jon Erwin offered some powerful advice to Christians who are passionate about their craft and feel a prompting from God to accomplish a particular goal: Keep moving forward.

Watch the Erwins discuss I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, their career, and much more:


“If God’s calling you to something and you believe in it, never give up,” he said. “I think the success of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE was … we stayed in the game and we kept learning … we kept telling stories.”

Erwin said that he and Andy learned from their successes and failures along the way, and that their perseverance truly paid off.

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“Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined what happened,” he said. “For us it’s just simply about the power of the story.”

The Erwin brothers have launched Kingdom Studios, a Hollywood initiative that will unite voices in the faith world to help tell powerful stories, with plans to release two movies every year.

“We’re doing it by matching the two things we care most about — great stories … and incredible artists,” Erwin said.

Andy Erwin added that the brothers will be working with talented voices to help tell impactful stories, explaining, “We can do together what none of us can do individually.”

As for Hollywood, he believes the industry is sitting up and listening in the wake of a number of faith-based box office successes in recent years.

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“I think they’re seeing how powerful the audience is when it unifies,” he said.

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