Hollywood Sexualizes Teenage Girls, Study Finds

MOVIEGUIDE® has already written about the pornification of teenage stars like Dakota Fanning and Lindsay Lohan.

A new study by the Parents Television Council shows that Hollywood is deliberately sexualizing teenage girls in its TV programs.

According to PTC’s press release on Dec. 15, “PTC found that when underage female characters [age 12 to 17] appear on screen: more sexual content is depicted; the teenage girls show next to no negative response to being sexualized; more sexual incidents occur outside of any form of a committed relationship; and, there is less accuracy in the TV content rating.”

Among the shocking findings:

  • 86% of all underage and young adult females being sexualized were of high school age;
  • Only 5% of the sexualized underage females expressed any dislike for being sexualized in the story;
  • Underage females are sexualized 42% of the time, but adult females were sexualized only 29% of the time;
  • 75% of the shows with underage girls being sexualized did not have an “S” rating for sex;
  • 93% of the sexual incidents among the underage girls could be labeled “unhealthy” according to the American Psychological Association’s own definition; and,
  • 73% of the incidents were part of a comedy bit or punch line.

“Our girls are being sexually objectified as young as 6,” said former model Nicole Clark, who made the documentary COVER GIRL CULTURE, in response to the study.

“How did things get so crazy?” she asked.

How indeed!

– Sources: Hollywood Reporter, 12/16/10, and Parents Television Council, 12/15/10.


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