Hollywood Worried About Possible 2010 Christmas Dip

With Thanksgiving box office down, especially if you count ticket sales as opposed to total money, Hollywood is afraid it will see a continued dip in box office in December during the Christmas season, despite such big upcoming movies as VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER, YOGI BEAR, TRON LEGACY, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, and TRUE GRIT.

Hollywood hasn’t set a ticket sales record since 2002, when movies like SPIDER-MAN, STAR WARS II, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, THE TWO TOWERS, SIGNS, ICE AGE, LILO & STITCH, and MINORITY REPORT were released.

Word of the possible big dip comes when some pundits are increasingly concerned that Hollywood has shied away from making movies about Christmas.

If moviegoers really like the redemptive movie version of VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER by Christian author C.S. Lewis, however, Hollywood – and good movies with faith and values – may recover from the Thanksgiving holiday blues.

– Source: The Hollywood Reporter, 12/07/10.