Hollywood’s Killing the Golden Egg


Hollywood’s Killing the Golden Egg

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher 

There has been a flood of articles about the video expose of Planned Parenthood’s murder and trafficking in the body parts of little children. Several of those articles have noted that the major news media have avoided reporting on these videos and the controversy they’ve created.

Very few, however, have treated the issue of how we got to this point in Western Civilization, where, as Mother Teresa said, we “teach mothers to murder their own children.”

Certainly, there’s a clear, bloody thread stretching back to sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and his perverted abuse of babies and propaganda to encourage omnisexual pervisions. Another bloody thread goes back to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who wanted to kill off those she called “weaker races.” And, that bloody thread goes back to Karl Marx, who wanted to destroy the family and the future.

One of the most overlooked elements is that, year after year, there have been movies that have trumpeted the siren song that unlimited, selfish pleasure and lust will satisfy the human longing for love and happiness. Many of these movies could be mentioned, but suffice it to say that movies like MASH, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE, CALIGULA, and the many raunchy comedies like PORKY’S, AMERICAN PIE, TED, and TED 2, and, of course, many of the vampire movies, have attacked virtue and promoted lust.

Unfortunately, like the renowned author Ed Cole once said, “lust is always taking, always selfish, never satisfied, and eventually consumes oneself. On the other hand, love is always giving, always satisfied, always caring and sharing, and comes from a sense of peace engendered by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

What is the problem with this licentious, immoral hedonism?

Throughout our society, economic analysts predict that the demographic winter, or lack of a new workforce, will reduce the United States to a Third World Status, if not less. So, even Social Security commercials say we need to import more illegal aliens.

We wouldn’t have this problem, however, if we hadn’t killed more than 50 million babies in the last 42 years, the children of citizens who would have been the real Social Security for aging populations. Instead, we kill babies for the promise of fleeting pleasures, not just sex without consequences, but also stem cell research to help us live longer and to produce cosmetics so we may have more years of getting old while appearing younger before we have to confront the economic disaster of demographic winter.

In the case of Planned Parenthood and its supporters, lust has become the cruel killing of citizens’ babies so that we’re forced to resettle alien invaders from foreign lands under the orders of the Muslim jihadists who control the majority of the nations at the United Nations. We are force to allow the illegal invaders because we a workforce to pay for our out-of-control federal government. Just in terms of Social Security, the Social Security trustees say that only 2.8 workers pay the Social Security taxes to support an aging individual today, as opposed to the 16 workers supporting one person in 1950. The worker recipient ratio will go down soon to two-to-one. This is not enough, however, to cover the elderly who reach the age of retirement.

Perhaps, it’s time that people in Hollywood start to take their responsibilities more seriously! Norman Lear, the TV and movie producer, did just that recently by saying, “I’m a social conservative.”

We need movies that promote the family, that promote fatherhood, that promote mothers, and that promote a sustainable future, which is God’s financial security for aging parents – our children and grandchildren.

Movies have a tremendous impact on how we live, what we care for, and what we hope to do. We need to encourage our moviemakers to make movies that encourage the things we want in society. Not lust and fatherlessness. Not children as accessories, but as gifts from God to be loved and nourished. Not unabated hedonism but heroism.

Now, the Cultural stories encourage people to accept dismembering a child to make a profit.

We have to change all that, and we can…with something so simple as consumer choice. By choosing to buy a ticket for a movie that encourages the values we know society should have. By choosing to watch the TV programs that do the same. The entertainment that’s created can and will change. The world we live in will be a better place.

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