Honey, They’re Shrinking the Kids – Again!

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Honey, They’re Shrinking the Kids – Again!

By Jeff Holder, Contributing Writer

Disney has just announced a new sequel to the 1989 hit movie, HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. This franchise boasts two sequels so far, HONEY I BLEW UP THE KID and HONEY, WE SHRUNK OURSELVES.

Movieguide® has applauded the past movies because not only are they appropriate for kids, but they go even further. They promote and encourage strong pro-family themes on the importance of parents, the responsibilities that parents must embrace, and that the world needs all types, even accident-prone scientists. These important themes are presented with a charming story with tons of laughs.

This new sequel is being directed by Joe Johnston, who helmed the original film that started all the fun. Set for a theatrical release, we are excited to see this movie reboot.

In the first movie, Rick Moranis played a scientist dad who inadvertently shrinks his teenage son, daughter, and their friends to only a quarter of an inch in size. The kids get taken out with the trash and the movie follows the tiny kids as they cross their backyard, which is now filled with dangerous insects and a ferocious lawnmower.

In this new movie, the now grown-up son becomes a scientist like his father. Also like his father, he accidentally shrinks his own children!

We are thrilled to see this movie announced and we look forward to it, hoping that the original director will remain true to his original vision for a wholesome family movie. We need many more movies like this and have high hopes for this sequel.

You can read the review of the most recent movie in the series here.

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