How Actor/Producer Kel Mitchell Brings the Holy Spirit to Set

Photo by Todd Rosenberg

How Actor/Producer Kel Mitchell Brings the Holy Spirit to Set

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

You may know him from his new show DELICIOUSNESS or recognize him from his work as a teen on the original ALL THAT, but Kel Mitchell says one thing has been consistent in his career: His desire to share the Gospel.

“I always speak about my faith when I’m on set,” Mitchell said in an interview with Movieguide®. “When I’m working, I’m always praying with others. Now when I go on set, my main thing is, I feel like you meet everybody for a reason–who can you pray with in this moment? [You can] pray for the entire studio. I don’t do it in an aggressive way, but I do it in a way where God literally sends the people that He knows that you need in that production. He also sends people around you that you can pray with. All those things seem to like happen organically through the Holy Spirit, which is awesome. It’s beautiful to be able to keep the studio covered. Every set that I’m on, I’m praying over the set, so that’s always been awesome.”

In addition to career in the entertainment industry, Mitchell is also a youth pastor at a church outside Los Angeles. He uses his experience as a Nickelodeon to reach this generation for God.

“I was trying to figure out how to juggle the entertainment business with also being a youth pastor, andI heard the Lord so loud and clear during one of my prayers. He was like, ‘Fine, Kel, this is the time now to do it.'”

Mitchell then began to use his platform for ministry.

“I’ve always spoken at schools, traveled all around the world, given advice to youth groups in juvie homes and all over. The main topic within these messages was love and God’s love and what God can do in a child’s life,” Mitchell said.

“Me being on Nickelodeon and being in these family shows, I really understand teenagers. I bring that same energy and fun and comedy to the church, as well. It’s that same energy, you still feel it. I’m super excited and unashamed, and I love the Lord, and the Lord is cool, the Lord is awesome, too!”

Mitchell is now a producer on the ALL THAT reboot on Nickelodeon. Though Movieguide® does not recommend the show for younger audiences, the Lord is at work in the production.

The star shared that one of the cast members has even started coming to his church and is now in his youth group.

“Just to see that faith work has been amazing, and we’ve seen the achievements and blessing that has been happening in her life and other cast members just because of adding them to her prayer life,” Mitchell said.

In addition to his credits in ALL THAT, Mitchell also appears on the new MTV show DELICIOUSNESS, which showcases food fails and provides some much needed cheer during this holiday season.

Mitchell is also supporting World Vision right now to assist communities in need both domestically and internationally.

“I love what they’re doing for Christmas,” Mitchell continued. “You can go on their catalogue and you can sponsor a kid, and you can send an alpaca to a family and change their life overseas. Then also I love the COVID family emergency kit that they have. I think that’s amazing, where it’s helping families here in the U.S. with hand sanitizer, school supplies, paper products, books, all the things that parents need and kids need.”

For Mitchell, though, World Vision’s work –and his own–comes back to three things: “They have the same passion that I have, which is kids and giving back and also God.”


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