Why FULL HOUSE Made Candace Cameron Bure ‘Want to Stay in the Business’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Why FULL HOUSE Made Candace Cameron Bure ‘Want to Stay in the Business’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Candace Cameron Bure is “grateful and blessed” that her early experiences as an actress didn’t damage her love of the entertainment industry. 

“I took time off from acting,” Bure explained during an episode of the “Full House Rewind” podcast. “I didn’t act for 10 years. Once I had my kids, I was like, ‘That’s it. I’m a full-time mom and supporting my husband’s career to go to games and cheer him on.’ You just do it. All the ladies, we just do it.”

Bure shares three kids —  daughter Natasha, 25, and sons Lev, 24, and Maksim, 22 — with husband and former hockey player Valeri Bure. 

“We are a very close family and no matter what’s on the schedule, we all stick together,” Candace told PEOPLE in 2011. “We have dinner together just about every night and our weekends are all about having fun together…I keep them close.”

However, as her kids got older and the family was more settled following Val’s retirement, Bure started making moves to return to the entertainment industry. 

“I’ve loved the industry, and I credit you, Bob, John, and Jeff Franklin, and hundreds of other people who were our FULL HOUSE family,” she told podcast host and former co-star Dave Coulier. “You guys gave us the best experience. I know there’s tons of horror stories out there, and I am so empathetic and feel for everyone that has had a bad experience. However, I am so grateful and blessed that those aren’t our stories. It made me want to stay in the business.”

She continued, “I took a break because I wanted to raise my kids, but I always had that desire that, if the doors would open again, when it felt like the right time to come back, that I would.”

Now, Bure heads her own company, Candy Rock Entertainment, where she makes content in partnership with Great American Family. 

“Candace Cameron Bure has a knack for finding beautifully crafted, meaningful stories that she and her team nurture into great family films,” Bill Abbott, the president & CEO of Great American Media, said of their working relationship. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Bure and GAF’s latest project:

Candace Cameron Bure’s first movie in Great American Family’s Ainsley McGregor mystery franchise is all set for release on October 4.

“In THE AINSLEY MCGREGOR MYSTERIES: A CASE FOR THE WINEMAKER, Ainsley McGregor (Bure) a former Chicago criminologist returns to her hometown of Sweet River, Texas. She has chosen to trade full-time crime work to open Bless Your Arts, a market for artisans to sell crafts and wares,” the synopsis reads. “But Ainsley cannot deny her first love is crime solving and accepts a position teaching a criminology class at the local community college.”

When a murder in a winery upsets the little town, McGregor puts her skills to use. Her brother, who is also the town’s sheriff, doesn’t want her to get involved.

“But, Ainsley knows the pieces of this puzzle do not fit. To help her friend and with the unexpected assistance from some goodhearted local busybodies – Ainsley McGregor is back on the case.”

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