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How Nick Vujicic Found Hope in Jesus: ‘God’s Got a Plan’

Photo from Nick Vujicic’s Instagram

How Nick Vujicic Found Hope in Jesus: ‘God’s Got a Plan’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent I AM SECOND video, Christian and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic shared his inspirational story.

“I love my life,” he opened the video. “As you can see, I have no arms and no legs. And it’s not like one day I went to school and then kids tease me and told me that I had no arms, no legs. I knew I had no arms and legs, but I didn’t think it was such a big deal until the world told me that I was an alien, that I was ugly, that I wasn’t good enough.”

“And when the doctors saw me for the first time, they apologized to my parents that they did not pick it up in the ultrasounds and give them an option to abort me,” he explained. “They were absolutely convinced that I’d never have a quality of life.”

Vujicic described how from age 8 to 13, he experienced deep depression over his condition and even tried to end his life.  

“I convinced myself there was no hope. I convinced myself that there was no God. But if there was a God, He was simply unfair. I prayed for a miracle. And a miracle did not come,” he reflected on that time.  

His perspective changed when he hurt his “little foot” when he was 13.  Although he has no arms or legs, he does have one deformed foot that helps him walk.  

“And I realized I’ve got to be thankful for what I have instead of being angry for what I don’t have,” Vujicic explained. 

One day, when reading the story of the blind man in John 9, he understood, “If God has a plan for a blind man, God’s got a plan for me.”

A janitor at his high school pointed out his great ability to communicate, and Vujicic began to speak to crowds about hope. “Maybe when I don’t get a miracle, I can still be one,” he shared, smiling.

“The greatest miracle of all that I’ll ever receive in my life is my soul being saved, me being filled with the Holy Spirit, having a relationship with Jesus while I abide in Him, and He abides in me,” he concluded. 

Despite his struggles, Vujicic’s life continues to impact others for Christ on a global level. 

The Christian Post reported, “Vujicic has delivered more than 3,500 speeches across 78 countries, a journey in which he has shared with nearly 10 million people in person and another 2.8 billion on TV.”

He has also spoken out against American Christianity and urges people to help others instead of fixating on themselves. 

Vujicic also heads the ministry “Champions for The Brokenhearted,” which is a resource for people dealing with various difficult situations. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Vujicic: 

Evangelist and author Nick Vujicic recently shared how God saved him from depression and suicide, instead allowing God to work through his disability. 

“I was born to immigrant parents from Serbia who fled communist Yugoslavia in the 1960s,” Vujicic told Sadie Robertson Huff on her Whoa That’s Good podcast. His father planted churches while his mother was a nurse…

“Age 10 I attempted suicide in my bathtub in six inches of water, and I was stopped by one thought, realizing ‘I’m going to leave just more pain with my parents,’ and so age 15, I gave my life to Jesus…” 

“That’s when I realized whether God will heal me or not—if I don’t get a miracle—I can still be one,” he explained. “The greatest miracle of all is my soul being saved, knowing Jesus and helping other people know that he loved him too.”

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