How OVERCOMER’s Breakout Star, Aryn Wright-Thompson, Uses Her Newfound Platform to Honor God

Photo courtesy of Aryn Wright-Thompson via Instagram

How OVERCOMER’s Breakout Star, Aryn Wright-Thompson, Uses Her Newfound Platform to Honor God

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

OVERCOMER actress Aryn Wright-Thompson is using her newfound popularity to glorify God.

“It is like when I got to school, people ask [me for] pictures, or they asked for my autograph, which is kind of weird, but it’s fun,” said Wright-Thompson. Wright-Thompson played Hannah in OVERCOMER, the lone high-school cross-country athlete.

“I also go speak to churches, I go speak to youth groups, and I just preach the Gospel and tell them about how much God means to me, and how much He is evident in my life, and all the things that He does in my life,” Wright-Thompson continued. “I tell them that He is doing the same thing for them, and He is there for them, but we have to seek Him first. I just let them know that God’s always there for them. I’m glad that I now I have a platform to where I can preach to more people.”

It’s working.

Wright-Thompson said people tell her that they accepted Christ based on a scene in OVERCOMER where Hannah prays for salvation with the school principal, played by Priscilla Shirer.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories like that, and I think those are the ones that touched my heart the most just knowing that I get to help somebody learn who God is and learn that He loves you so much,” Wright-Thompson said.

Working on OVERCOMER also allowed Wright-Thompson to conquer her anxiety.

“I had a weird feeling in my gut, but I never knew what it was,” she said. “Once I figured out what anxiety was, I was like, ‘I have all these symptoms. I’m pretty sure this is what I have!’ You could just see it, and I was struggling with it for a while, just not knowing I was struggling with it.”

Wright-Thompson said the Lord really used her time on set to help her break free. For others struggling with anxiety, she offered these suggestions: “I think, first, you have to figure out your problem and figure out what you’re actually going through. Then after that, you really need to tell God, ‘God, I’m struggling!’ Then, you need to read scriptures and see how much He loves you, and that definitely boosts up your confidence and lets you know that you are good enough,” Wright-Thompson said.

Now that OVERCOMER’s on the eve on its DVD release (December 17), Wright-Thompson is preparing for her next endeavors: College at a Historically Black University and College and then, hopefully, a future in Hollywood as an actor and/or director.

“When I was on set, I watched Alex Kendrick and the other people doing their job,” Wright-Thompson said. “I was like, ‘Man, this is a place where I feel like I’m supposed to keep being in this environment and keep doing these things.’

“Also I love to write plays and stuff. I love to write movies. I go get my computer whenever I’m bored, and it’s just really fun. Hopefully, one day, I get to deal with Marvel.”

Yet in the meantime, Wright-Thompson will continue to pursue the Lord and share Him with everyone she meets.

Watch below to see an exclusive extra clip of Wright-Thompson as Hannah in OVERCOMER.

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