How Sadie Robertson Huff Fights Fear: ‘God is Creating My Story’

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

How Sadie Robertson Huff Fights Fear: ‘God is Creating My Story’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent Relevant Magazine article, Sadie Robertson Huff reflected on her journey of learning to trust God’s plan for her life and rejecting fear.

Huff has been open about her struggles with fear in the past. In her book, “Live Fearless,” she documents her journey battling fear and trusting in God.

“When I was writing my book, I realized a common denominator of my life story,” she shared. “Every time I tried to lead my life because of my own selfish ambitions, fear stepped in.  Many times, fear comes from the unknown and when I tried to lead myself through unknown territory, fear was waiting for me.”

Huff explained how God’s grace got her through.

“It’s no shocker that I have drawn a few wrong lines in my life, because of letting me lead me. I’ve made some wrong turns and ended up in some interesting places,” she wrote. “My brother John Luke says God has a big eraser. Boy, am I glad about that! God’s eraser is called grace and He loves to use it.”

“I once heard a wise man say, ‘Fear is just false evidence appearing real,’” she added. “In the past I had looked at false evidence as truth. As I got older, I began to see that the fear I was feeling about relationships had nothing to do with God’s plan for a loving relationship.”

Movieguide® reported on a podcast where Huff discussed her fight against fear more in-depth. 

“I didn’t understand how I could be so happy and so joyful, yet also experience so much fear,” Robertson said. “I realized that you don’t have to choose just one of those feelings. You don’t have to choose fear and trade out all the joy. You don’t have to choose joy and trade out all the fear. It can actually go hand in hand.”

As she learned to trust God and surrender to Him, things began to change.

“God is creating my story.  It’s a story of strength, pursuit, and reckless love; an epic journey shaped by confidence, redemption, a life of freedom, and living fearless,” she concluded her article.

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