How Terrian Uses R&B to Reach People for Jesus

Photo from Terrian’s Instagram

How Terrian Uses R&B to Reach People for Jesus

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian breakout artist Terrian is on a mission with her music.

She wants to “reclaim R&B for Christ and to ‘plant a seed’ in the hearts of non-Christians,” Crosswalk Headlines reported last month. “Terrian released her debut full-length album ‘Give It Time’ this year, and a song off that chart—Honestly, We Just Need Jesus—quickly began climbing the Billboard charts. It’s been on the Billboard AC Airplay chart for 14 weeks and is up to No. 10. It is No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs list, where it’s been for 18 weeks.”

The song points to the problems within modern American culture and provides the solution to all of them: Jesus.

Terrian performed as a vocalist on TobyMac’s Hits Deep Tour and was a member of his Diverse City band.

Movieguide® reported last month:

Terrian released her debut album earlier this year, titled “Give It Time.” 

“I’ve been living with open hands and trusting the Lord’s timing,” she said of the project. “That’s what this whole album is about: waiting. Waiting can be hard, especially when things aren’t going the way you thought they would. Waiting has been hard, but at the same time, it’s been eye-opening. I’m grateful for the time to figure out who I am as an artist.”

“With ‘Give It Time’—a mix of pop, R&B and gospel—she is making a name for herself,” Crosswalk Headlines reported. “She believes her music—and that of TobyMac and others in the Christian R&B realm—can serve as a course correction to a genre that is often filled with language and sexually explicit lyrics.”

“The thing that I always remember is that all of those artists grew up in the church,” she told Crosswalk Headlines.

She says R&B originally came out of the gospel genre.

“So in a way, I think it’s us trying our best to sanctify that sound a little bit more. And also recognizing that there are a lot of Christians who love those genres…We have church music, but we also need to be able to take up space as believers and artists in these other realms, so that Christians can have something else to listen to, but also, unbelievers can hear it as well and go, ‘Oh, I didn’t know Christians can write songs like this and that they’re doing that over there,’” she said.

“I’m just praying that the Lord would plant a seed in their heart and use it to lead them to the cross. I think it’s an outreach.”

The 27-year-old just released a new version of her song “Matthew 5” with Christian rapper Wande.

“The album version of ‘Matthew 5’ is already receiving airplay on CHH stations like Holy Culture Radio Sirius XM 140, Boost FM in St. Louis, KFCO 107.1 in Denver, and more,” Jesus Freak Hideout reported. “The music video for the new version was captured at the original location of Gotee’s House of Insomnia studio where DC Talk’s ‘Jesus Freak’ & ‘Supernatural,’ GRITS ‘Factors of the Seven,’ Jennifer Knapp’s ‘Kansas’ and many more albums were recorded.”

Terrian will make her debut at the historic Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee on Aug. 27.

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