By David Outten, Production Editor

Editor’s Note: To learn more about the Gosnell movie or donate funds, click here.

I am a proud sponsor of THE GOSNELL MOVIE. I want to see it made. I hope you’ll become a sponsor as well. It needs to reach its $2.1 million dollar funding goal by May 12. If it doesn’t reach the goal, it gets nothing.
The problem is, who would want to see THE GOSNELL MOVIE? Gosnell the man is so vile and disgusting, his story makes you sick.

There’s a reason studios name movies CAPTAIN AMERICA, or THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. They have horrible villains, but people go in droves to root for a hero who’s going to vanquish the villain. Even the many television murder mystery shows focus on the hero and his or her sidekicks exposing the villain. The TV shows are named for the hero.

The title THE GOSNELL MOVIE sounds like an invitation to watch some nefarious villain create a “legal” business to mutilate babies. That is not entertainment. If that’s what people expect, some might help fund the movie from a sense of decency, but not because they actually want to see such a movie.

On the other hand, if the movie is presented as a story of little people fighting a wicked, powerful government in order to get the conviction of a mass murderer, it becomes entertainment. Yes, Gosnell’s crimes would get exposed in the most tactful way possible, but what makes the story remarkable is the government’s gross misbehavior and the media’s clear political agenda in helping keep Gosnell in his evil business.

Imagine if the state of Florida knew Ted Bundy’s was murdering coeds and did nothing because high government officials thought too many girls were going to college. That would have been a bigger story than the murders themselves. That is THE GOSNELL MOVIE. People in high places wanted lots of underprivileged and minority children killed, and Gosnell was glad to do their dirty work. It’s called eugenics (government sanctioned population control). Robert Redford’s character and his Nazi eugenicists were the villains in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Fighting eugenicists can make a very patriotic and entertaining movie.
The movie’s title should be more reflective of the government’s role (as well as the media’s role). Here are some ideas.

With a title that indicates that the movie will focus on government and media complicity, I believe the movie will actually attract more investors and ticket buyers.

A great movie has three acts and hits a number of important plot points. A hero commits to a quest, the hero makes progress, the hero learns important things, then the hero runs into the full power of the dark side, the hero is almost crushed, but he recommits, regains his strength, and engages in a climactic battle resulting in a resolution. This could be THE GOSNELL MOVIE.
(a) Someone learns how horrible Gosnell is.
(b) They commit to stopping his murder spree and seeing him convicted.
(c) They gather irrefutable evidence.
(d) They take it to the government.
(e) To their surprise, the government doesn’t want their evidence.
(f) They go to the media, but the media doesn’t want their evidence either.
(g) The government questions Gosnell in a hotel room and excuses him.
(h) The hero is warned to back off.
(i) The hero’s witnesses won’t testify out of fear.
(j) The hero is called a right-wing bigot in the media.
(k) The hero is discouraged
(l) The hero is encouraged by a victim willing to come forward.
(m) The truth comes out (not in the major media) and the government is forced to arrest Gosnell.
(n) The hero goes after the government accomplices
(o) The media refuses to cover the story.
(p) Gosnell goes to jail. The government officials go free.
This may not be what actually happened, but the screenwriter must structure what did happen into an engaging story.

A story structure like the one shown above actually arouses an audience to care about seeing those in government held accountable. Every tidbit of information revealed becomes a step in combating evil. Moviegoers will want a sequel where those who ignored the mass murder for political reasons go to jail as well.

Do you remember ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN? The heroic reporters got to the bottom of Watergate. Not only did Chuck Colson and some other White House conspirators go to jail, they brought down the President of the United States, Richard Nixon.

Imagine some heroic Americans getting to the bottom of why the Washington Post and all the other news organizations were silent. How much did they know? When did they know? Who said, “Keep silent?” Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins who should be chasing down the bureaucrats, politicians, and editors who let Gosnell stay in business 17 years? There really is a great movie in this.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t yet become a sponsor of THE GOSNELL MOVIE, I encourage you to do so. It could be both entertaining and inspiring without getting too gruesome to stomach. What makes THE GOSNELL MOVIE truly important is that it’s not fiction. Gosnell really did horrendous evil and people in government and the media really did help him stay in business.