‘In Love With This’: Emily Maynard Johnson Soaks Up Time With Newborn Son

Photo from Emily Maynard Johnson’s Instagram

‘In Love With This’: Emily Maynard Johnson Soaks Up Time With Newborn Son

By Movieguide® Contributor

Former BACHELORETTE Emily Maynard Johnson is enjoying her days with infant son Jones West. 

Johnson posted a video to Instagram, showing the four month-old giggling as she tickled him with a “in love with this” sticker on the clip. 

She also shared a video of 2 year-old daughter Nola Belle, with the Dolly Parton song “Highlight of My Life” playing in the background. 

“Before you message me, you’re ALL the highlights of my life,” Johnson captioned the video, tagging her eldest daughter Ricki. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Jones’ birth:

Emily Maynard recently welcomed her sixth baby with husband Tyler Johnson, Jones West.

However, the former BACHELORETTE star opened up about her reaction to her newborn son having down syndrome.

“We’ve never done any of the genetic testings,” Maynard Johnson said. “You get what you get and you’re going to love it either way so there’s no sense in worrying about anything because it’s all going to work out and in the end, everything is going to be okay,. We did the anatomy scans, check the heart and brain and two arms, two legs, but no blood screenings.”

Emily also is mother to Ricki, 17, Jennings, 7, Gibson, 6, Gatlin, 5 and Nola Belle, 2.

Emily confessed that the diagnosis came as a surprise to her and her husband.

“It was not on my radar at all. And I refused to believe it,” she said. “I just wanted to hold him and for everything to be okay.”

However, doctors kept Jones in the NICU for several weeks before he was allowed to go home.

“I was just grieving all of it and that the experience was so different from what I had expected. Waking up the next morning hearing all the babies crying down the hallway while I was in the room alone, it hurt so much,” she said.

“I realized this could be so much worse,” she continued. “This is nothing. This is joyful. Everybody that I’ve heard from shares how much love they have in their hearts.”

“He has the sweetest little smile and I’m just so excited. He’s so cute and he’s the easiest baby,” she added. “I just know God is going to see so much good through this sweet baby. Especially because we weren’t planning on having a sixth kid, but with Jones, our family is complete.”

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