INSIDE OUT 2 Proves Family-Friendly Movies Always Succeed

Photo from Pixar INSIDE OUT’s Instagram

INSIDE OUT 2 Proves Family-Friendly Movies Always Succeed

By Movieguide® Staff

INSIDE OUT 2 dominated the box office over the weekend, earning a record-breaking start and once again proving that family-friendly movies will always be a hit with audiences. 

“INSIDE OUT 2’s success is definitive proof that Movieguide®’s advocacy work impacts Disney,” says Robby Baehr, Movieguide® CEO. “This is the first movie Pixar has released in years that doesn’t flaunt an immoral agenda. Instead, because of our Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, Disney and Pixar chose to cater to families and focus on positive, uplifting messages, and it’s already paying out dividends.

It grossed $295 million worldwide during its debut weekend, taking $155 million domestically and $140 million internationally.

This start, when using “current exchange rates and in like-for-like markets,” is bigger than Teddy Bear Award® winner THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE, which previously held the title for the biggest animation opening. 

“Using a similar metric, the Kelsey Mann-directed INSIDE OUT sequel is the best international animation opening of all time (surpassing FROZEN 2’s $135.4M). INSIDE OUT 2 also has the biggest overseas and worldwide opening of 2024,” Deadline reported. 

The movie’s massive success shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

As Movieguide® knows, “family-friendly movies reflecting strong Christian, redemptive, moral, biblical, traditional, or conservative principles and values usually do significantly better at the box office in the United States and Canada than those movies that don’t have such strong content.”

INSIDE OUT 2 has done just that. 

Movieguide® celebrates its “Very strong moral worldview with some redemptive elements. [It] promotes doing the right thing, controlling your emotions, [and] caring for your friends.”

Part of the review reads:

INSIDE OUT 2 is a marvelous, family-friendly animated movie. The movie is delightful, funny, inventive, and heartwarming. It has many positive messages. For example, it promotes doing the right thing, controlling your emotions and not letting anxieties overcome your decision making. INSIDE OUT 2 also promotes kindness, friendship, repentance, and forgiveness. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children for scenes of peril and a large scary-looking but nonthreatening character. Unlike other recent animated movies, INSIDE OUT 2 doesn’t have any woke or politically correct content.

INSIDE OUT 2’s success exemplifies a fact Movieguide® has long recognized. Last year, Movieguide®’s Report to the Entertainment Industry found, “80% of the top 25 movies at the domestic box office had strong or very strong biblical or moral content.”

“…filmmakers (especially filmmakers trying to make movies for a broad audience) have a much better chance of reaching the Top 10 Movies at the Domestic Box Office, and making more money, if they insert strong or very strong Christian, biblical, moral, and/or redemptive content and values into their movies,” Movieguide® explains. 

THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE, which has a “strong moral, redemptive worldview,” took the No. 2 spot worldwide, and INSIDE OUT 2 is well on its way to leaving a similar mark on the 2024 box office.

INSIDE OUT 2’s massive success should signal to Hollywood that audiences want to support movies that are morally uplifting and redemptive, and studios should commit to producing content the whole family can enjoy.

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