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Internet Overtakes Newspapers

Though the newspaper industry has stopped some of the bleeding and only declined 5% overall in 2010, the Internet has passed the industry in U.S. ad revenue.

According to Ad Age, this makes the Internet “the second-largest ad medium behind TV.”

Thus, the Standard and Poor’s S&P 500 Index has decided to drop The New York Times Company and replace it with Netflix, which has embarked on a new big effort to stream its movies and television programs over the Internet.

Also, The Huffington Post left-wing website’s 24 million unique visitors is liable to overtake the New York Times’ 34 million users next year.

On the positive side, E-edition circulation for newspapers is up 47% during the six months ending in September.

Just one newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, saw its circulation rise, 1.82%. In comparison, the left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle suffered an 11.2% decrease.

– Source: The Wrap, 12/19/10.