James Corden to Pay Staff Salaries Out of His Own Pocket

Screenshot via THE LATE LATE SHOW on Youtube

James Corden to Pay Staff Salaries Out of His Own Pocket

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

James Corden, host of THE LATE LATE SHOW, will pay for his furloughed staff’s salaries out of his own pocket.

“Last week, Corden informed some staffers that they would be furloughed as of May 4 and that he would cover their salaries going forward out of his own pocket. The total cost to Corden is unclear, but is likely to be at least mid-five figures a week,” Variety reported.

Corden, like his peers Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and more, has been hosting his talk show from his home with famous celebs like Joe Jonas, Hugh Jackman, and Ray Romano.

But right now, before he begins to pay his staff, Corden is taking a few days off to heal from a minor surgery.

In his #HomeFest YouTube fundraiser, which featured performances by Andrea Bocelli, John Legend and more, Corden said, “We’re all in this together [and] let’s be honest, none of us know what day it is. I’m pitching for a Sunday in May, but I don’t know.”

#HomeFest proceeds went to Feed the Children.

In addition to hosting the late-night talk show, Corden, who’s a trained stage actor, has also starred in several Movieguide® approved movies.

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