Jason Aldean: Bring ‘Prayer Back’ in Schools

Photo from the Official Buck Commander’s Instagram

Jason Aldean: Bring ‘Prayer Back’ in Schools

By Movieguide® Contributor 

The Buckmen, a group of famous outdoorsmen including Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan, recently got together to talk about America’s need for Jesus. 

During their discussion, the group was asked, “Do you think that our country right now more than ever needs Jesus, or is that just a worry that we have that every generation has?”

Former MLB player Tombo Martin responded, saying, “Not only is it…the truth, but I mean we need to quit talking about it and put boots on the ground,” referring to the need to take action and bring America back to Jesus.

Country star Jason Aldean added, “It’s like taking prayer out of school and all that, that was kind of the beginning of the snowball you know? It’s like, ‘Oh we got that. Now let’s go for something [else]’ …you know, and it just at some point it just becomes a snowball effect.”

While the singer isn’t sure whether previous generations had it better, he emphasized that they lived in “simpler” times.

“You didn’t have the age of the internet and social media and people being able to…get on there and study every single thing,” Aldean explained, adding that bringing “prayer back in schools” would be a good place to start. 

“It was one nation under God. You said that in the Pledge of Allegiance,” country star Tyler Farr continued.

However, “There is hope,” Martin chimed in, referencing former MLB player Adam LaRoche’s E3 Ranch Foundation. Movieguide® reported: 

LaRoche left the MLB in 2016. Now, he and his wife, Jennifer, run the E3 Ranch Foundation, which “serves combat Veterans, fights against human trafficking, and provides support during humanitarian crises globally. This three-pronged approach has evolved in a way that only God could orchestrate.”

“It’s veterans, but guess what? Those veterans have kids, and they got friends and…their buddies and their platoon,” Martin continued. “It spreads like wildfire. So just as much as bad can spread, good I think can spread twice as fast.”

Each group member uses his skills and talents to help point Americans back to God. 

“It all started with a crew of good ol’ boys who love the thrill of the hunt almost as much as they love each other,” their website states. “The Buckmen, including Adam LaRoche, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Ryan Langerhans, Tombo Martin, Tyler Farr, and Willie Robertson, have been on a mission to bag the elusive whitetail for years. And we’ve got the hilarious stories and tight-knit bonds to prove it from our years together at deer camp.” 

Movieguide® previously reported on Buckman Luke Bryan:

Country music star Luke Bryan recently reflected on raising sons.

During an interview with Hook and Barrel, the singer shared how he teaches his “boys to be men before the world teaches them otherwise.”

“First of all, your boys are going to watch their dad. I even reflect on that sometimes.  Just last week, I had to tell one of my boys, ‘I know you have seen me do this… but that doesn’t mean you do it,’” he reflected. “But it all starts with the father in the home—they lean on us as the example. I did it with my dad. I mean, my wife tells me once a week, ‘You sound like your daddy.’”

He added that some of his habits, especially when it comes to hunting, come from his dad. “I do it the same way he did it, and now my boys do it too,” Bryan explained.

Should prayer be brought back to schools?

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