Jay Leno is Here to Stay, Only a Stroke Would Push Him to Retirement

Photo from Jay Leno’s Garage Instagram

Jay Leno is Here to Stay, Only a Stroke Would Push Him to Retirement

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Despite Jay Leno’s recent accidents, he does not plan to retire anytime soon.  

“Unless,” the comedian admitted to Page Six, “I have a stroke.”  

Leno stated at the premier for HOT WHEELS: ULTIMATE CHALLENGE, “That’s when you retire – when you have your stroke.”  

For Leno, he doesn’t see a reason to quit if he’s still able to live his life to the fullest.  

Movieguide® recently reported on Leno following his accidents:  

Following a gasoline fire in his garage in Burbank, California, longtime comedian Jay Leno is full of happiness.   

Two months after the fire, Leno was involved in a motorcycle accident that caused multiple broken bones. Leno never complained about his circumstance.   

He told Fox News Digital, “First of all they’re accidents. If they were deliberate, I would be complaining,” the comedian said jokingly, “Ya, the guy deliberately set me on fire.”  

While on the red carpet for the HOT WHEELS: ULTIMATE CHALLENGE premier, Leno told Fox News Digital, “Look, I’ve been extremely lucky in my life, you know, and even though the accidents weren’t fun, I was still pretty lucky. I didn’t lose an eye, I’m not horribly disfigured … well, just regular disfigured.”  

“I’ve got a lot to be grateful for,” he added.   

Shortly after the first accident, leno suffered third degree burns on his face and hands. In a statement to Fox News Digital Leno stated, “I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am OK. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet.”  

Then Leno suffered a motorcycle accident and broke his kneecaps, a collarbone, and two ribs.   

Leno stated on the red carpet, “First of all, in Hollywood – it’s only how you look, nobody cares how you feel like,” he laughed. “I mean I still have a broken collar bone, two broken ribs and two cracked knee caps, but I’m getting around.”  

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