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Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Son’s Middle School Graduation

Photo from Jennifer Hudson’s Instagram

Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Son’s Middle School Graduation

By Movieguide® Contributor

Movieguide® Grace Prize winner Jennifer Hudson celebrated her son, David, as he graduated from middle school.  

Hudson posted on her Instagram several photos of her and her family celebrating David.  

She captioned the post, “It’s official!!! My baby is a high schooler now! We had such a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends. I am sooo proud of you DOJ! Team Jhud can ya’ll help give DOJ a huge congratulations! 🎓”  

Hudson received several comments from notable actors such as Viola Davis, Tamar Braxton, and Jacob Latimore, all celebrating David.  

In another post, Hudson was shown adjusting David’s gown. She wrote, “My baby Graduated, Ya’ll!!!!!! DOJ!!!!!!! #classof2023#proudmom”  

Movieguide® recently reported on Hudson’s journey of faith:  

In 2013, Hudson reflected on her role in the faith-filled musical, BLACK NATIVITY.  

“Earlier this year I was in a church to film a movie, a historic church in Harlem with magnificent stained-glass windows and rows and rows of pews, with choir stalls and stacks of Bibles. Even though my own church was halfway across the country, I felt right at home,” Hudson wrote in 2013.  

Hudson said that faith and church were a staple of her childhood.  

“Church was at the center of my life growing up. My family went to a Baptist church on the South Side of Chicago, and I think we spent more time there than at our house,” Hudson said. “Monday nights we had Bible study, Tuesday nights were rehearsals for the adult choir, Wednesday nights the youth choir rehearsed (I sang in both choirs), Saturdays my mother folded and stapled bulletins, Sundays we were at both morning and evening services.” 

She added: “We were always there. And more important, our church family was always there with us, helping us stay close to God in good times and bad.” 

Hudson won Movieguide®’s Grace Prize for her portrayal of Aretha Franklin in RESPECT.

As Movieguide® previously reported:

One thing that connects the two singers is their faith in God and love for the church.

“I wanted to make it as true to what she’d lived. The music is done live, like she did in her life, to make it that much more authentic,” Hudson told Movieguide®. “And then with the church scenes, you can’t really script that or recreate it, it has to be what it is for it to translate honestly; which for me, anytime I’m singing in a church it is, but the challenge was channeling it through being Aretha. At least the film version of that, you know, me versus Jennifer singing ‘Amazing Grace’ in church.”



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