Jenny Marrs Celebrates FIXER TO FABULOUS Crew: ‘Grateful’

Jenny Marrs Celebrates FIXER TO FABULOUS Crew: ‘Grateful’

By Movieguide® Contributor

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently shared photos from the show’s crew’s celebration party—“a night full of laughs and memories.”

“I’m grateful for the bizarre path my life took five years ago when we said yes to #fixertofabulous because our family grew exponentially with this team of people,” the HGTV star said. “When you watch the show, just know that all of these hilarious, hard-working, passionate and ridiculously talented humans are behind the camera making magic happen.🤍”

She shared a group photo of about thirty staff members, many dressed in cowboy hats and ponchos with smiles all around.

“Every year, we take one evening to celebrate our entire crew and it’s always one of my favorite nights of the year,” she explained. “I will treasure the laughs and memories from last night (and this entire year), always. Season five has been a ride – exhausting, challenging, and wildly fun – it was so good to step away and celebrate all we were able to accomplish together.”

“It was also a night to celebrate our beloved Joe Looney,” Marrs said.

Marrs shared photos of Looney smiling next to an identical cake of himself, his signature overalls included. The staff member helped the Marrses fix up houses long before they ever had a show.

“I can’t imagine doing this without him by our side but I’m grateful for the many years (so many pre-TV) with this amazing human,” Marrs said. “He deserves a little rest and we all sent him off to retirement with a whole lot of love (and requests to just pop by anytime he’d like).”

Throughout the FIXER TO FABULOUS seasons, the Marrses have praised Looney many times.

In one of Season 4’s episodes, the couple shared that Looney had returned to work after he had a sore back.

“Joe is the little engine that could,” Marrs’ husband Dave said. “Chase (Looney’s son) and I were talking about what we could do on the staircase, and Joe’s done it…In mere moments, that man has gotten the door off, one sidelight off, and he has taken the other sidelight off.”

“Is this the same Joe?” Dave asked.

“Somebody’s gotta work around here!” Looney joked.

The couple announced in June that Season 5 of FIXER TO FABULOUS will release in January 2024.

In November, Movieguide® reported that the season will include some projects personal to the Marrs:

The show started its fifth season earlier this week, beginning a 16-episode journey through renovations. This season includes multiple projects that are personal to the Marrs family, including renovations of their own home and those of multiple family friends.

“It’s humbling. We are resonating with people. We try to stay authentic and get to know the people we are renovating for,” Dave said about the show’s success.

This season will continue to resonate with viewers as the couple works with people going through different stages of life. One of the more difficult projects this year was a home they renovated for a family whose father deployed.

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