John Krasinski Wanted QUIET PLACE PART II to Land in Theaters for People to Watch Together

Photo from John Krasinski’s Instagram

John Krasinski Wanted QUIET PLACE PART II to Land in Theaters for People to Watch Together

By Movieguide® Staff

Despite multiple studios and movies scrapping their plans for theatrical releases and head to streamers, Writer/Director John Krasinski stood firm that his movie, A QUIET PLACE PART II, would wait until theaters reopened.

“I always wanted it to come out in the theater,” Krasinski said. “We designed it pretty much exactly for this theater – this is beautiful, by the way. To me, there is no other way to see this movie and that’s how our entire team looked at it. When last year happened, I have to say Paramount was incredibly supportive of pushing for it. I’m sure there were moments they got nervous and started realizing – like everybody – that timeline kept going and going. I’ll also say when this year arrived and they originally had it in September, I said I will do September but if it’s looking OK for May, I want to do it. There was something emotionally for me that we were the last movie friend to leave and so I wanted to be your first movie friend back.”

Krasinski also wanted families to be able to watch it together. However, the movie is a thriller, and Movieguide® recommends caution for teenagers and above.

“The first one is a love letter to my kids,” Krasinski said. “I think the second one for me is a love letter for my kids of what I hope they do in the future. I hope they are always bold and courageous, not only for their own happiness but also so they can make real change in the world because that’s the only way it can come.”

When the majority of theaters planned to reopen, Krasinski knew it was time to release the movie and help audiences return to cinemas and remember the joy of attending a movie outside the home. For some showings, Krasinski showed up in person to thank fans for coming out to se ehis movie.

“Hello, Cleveland, I’m all dressed up with finally somewhere to go,” Krasinksi said . “Thank you so much for coming out to see our movie and just coming out and seeing movies. It’s so huge. I came out because you all came out so thank you very much.”

At one showing, Krasinski even conducted a question-and answer session.

Krasinski’s visit to the Northeast Ohio theater included a 20-minute Q&A about the sequel. 

“I had no interest in doing a sequel for sequel’s sake but I wanted to continue the story if I could,” Krasinski said. “The only idea I had is, if you make Millie (actress Millicent Simmonds) the lead character in the movie, then we have something. Not only is she one of the most wildly talented people I ever worked with, period, but she’s also the perfect representation of the themes and the metaphors we were using in the first (movie). So she’s taking up the mantle that my character set out in the beginning.”

The director also announced a third movie is already in the works.

“For the third installment of the franchise, we already hired an incredible filmmaker, Jeff Nichols,” Krasinski said. “He’s done so many movies but a movie that rocked my world is ‘Mud.’ That to me was so emotional, so powerful and perfection when it comes to characters. That’s what I want to keep going with this storytelling. It’s all about the characters. If you love the characters, then the movie is tense. And if you don’t love the characters, the movie is just nothing more than just kind of a scare movie, which we never wanted.”

Movieguide® named A QUIET PLACE as one of the Best Movies for Families in 2018. Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, were nominated for the Grace Prize® for their performances.

According to the Movieguide® review for the sequel:

A QUIET PLACE PART II is the edge-of-your-seat sequel to the popular 2018 science fiction thriller. The opening shows what happened when the alien monsters first appeared in the small New York town where Lee and Evelyn Abbott were raising three children. Cut to 47 days later. Lee has died saving his family and their youngest son also died, but Evelyn has given birth to a fourth child. The family runs into a family friend, who goes after the daughter when she follows a musical signal leading to an island sanctuary just off the coast.

A QUIET PLACE PART II is a visceral, gripping, ultimately uplifting thriller that never lets up. PART II isn’t a didactic movie. The movie conveys its themes and messages by the action instead of the dialogue. As such, the movie sends a pro-life message that promotes family, parenthood and risking your life to save others from deadly, desperate situations. A QUIET PLACE PART II does, however, contain some brief foul language, violence and many scary moments. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children and other sensitive viewers.