THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie Kicks Off Christmas Season with Advent Prayer Challenge

Photo from Jonathon Roumie’s Instagram

THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie Kicks Off Christmas Season with Advent Prayer Challenge

By Movieguide® Contributor 

THE CHOSEN’s Jonathan Roumie recently talked with Fox’s Martha MacCallum about the Pray Advent Challenge on the popular Hallow app led by him and fellow actor Liam Neeson. 

“Well, the Pray 25 Advent prayer challenge is, I believe, going to be just as transformative as many of the moments from THE CHOSEN happened for people,” Roumie told Maccallum. 

The advent challenge will feature a daily prayer and readings from C.S. Lewis, which the actor hopes leads listeners “into a deeper relationship with Christ.” 

“I think something we could all use as we just turn on the TV and see the state of the world. But I think it’s really going to give people a level of peace and serenity that they’re really looking for right about now,” Roumie added. 

Neeson, who has starred in PILGRIM’S PROGRESS and voiced Aslan in the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, shared similar sentiments for the Advent challenge. 

“The content has been incredible because everything from growing in faith to what it means to love, to how we’re called to let go, along with a part of a Christmas Advent challenge to help us to really grow deeper in our faith in this holiday season,” Neeson told Roumie in an interview promoting the event. 

“My hope would just be that people who join us find a little more hope and peace in their lives,” Neeson added. “I’d also say this theme in the passages that we go through on the importance of regaining a sense of wonder, and how we’re all called to be a bit more childlike. I think Christmas is just such a beautiful time of the year to strive to regain that sense of wonder in our lives.” 

Roumie has encouraged followers on Instagram to join the prayer event. 

“I am very excited to begin the @hallowapp Pray25 Advent challenge with C.S. Lewis tomorrow. There are HUNDREDS of thousands of people already who will be meditating and praying together, drawing closer to God this season,” the  JESUS REVOLUTION star posted. 

Movieguide® previously announced the Pray 25 Advent challenge: 

It’s always been a dream of ours to do a challenge with C.S. Lewis’ incredible writings. They changed my own life and we’re honored to be able to pray through them this Advent,” Hallow’s CEO and co-founder, Alex Jones, told Fox News Digital.

“I couldn’t think of a more phenomenal voice to lead us through the writings than Liam’s,” he continued. “He, Jonathan and Sr. Miriam [James Heidland] do such a beautiful job bringing them to life. We’re so excited to help people pray this Advent.”

“We believe that prayer is transformative, and we are blessed to have partners like Liam Neeson and Jonathan Roumie to help folks prepare their hearts from Jesus,” he added.

In addition to his partnership with the Hallow, Roumie is gearing up for Season 4 of THE CHOSEN, slated to release in early 2024. According to the actor, the series will intensify as the show gets closer to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

“[S]o Season 4 gets us one season closer to the cross, but then ultimately the resurrection, right? But it’s becoming more difficult now to kind of stay sort of strictly within Jesus’s followers in that community,” he said 

Roumie went on to say, “Everybody is now talking about Jesus, the authorities, Roman and the Jewish leaders of his community aren’t very happy with how things are going in their towns. So, it’s getting a little more difficult for Jesus’s ministry. And I think that’s, you know, Jesus knows. He sees His followers, starting to realize the weight of what’s to come.” 

Movieguide® reported on the upcoming season and what potential projects could come after THE CHOSEN for creator Dallas Jenkins: 

When asked how filming season 3 compared to season 4 Jenkins said, “Filming Season 3 was more difficult because they had to film in the fields for a long period of time,” MSN reported.

“Filming Season 4 was more intense and he predicted it would be the most impactful season spiritually and emotionally that THE CHOSEN has done so far,” he added.

Jenkins was then asked what he plans to do after THE CHOSEN.

“There are other Bible stories to tell, too,” Jenkins hinted on the live stream.

He previously shared, “Hopefully, after I take a nap for about a year when THE CHOSEN is done, we’ve got other Bible stories to tell, because the demand seems to be so strong,” Christian Headlines reported. 

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