Jonathan Roumie Talks Christian Entertainment in Mainstream Hollywood

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Jonathan Roumie Talks Christian Entertainment in Mainstream Hollywood

By Movieguide® Contributor 

THE CHOSEN star Jonathan Roumie joined H. Alan Scott on “The Parting Shot” podcast to discuss how and why Christian entertainment has gained popularity. 

“Christian entertainment has been on the rise in recent years. With the popularity of the new film SOUND OF FREEDOM and the show THE CHOSEN it does feel like Christian stories are gaining more and more mainstream prominence,” a synopsis of the episode reads.

Roumie talked with Scott and Paul Pond, a Newsweek writer who wrote a story titled “Jesus Takes Hollywood.”

Scott asked if Christian movies, like THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, could return to mainstream Hollywood.

“Yeah but probably not by traditional Hollywood as much as in the past,” Pond stated. “You saw traditional Hollywood try to make modern biblical tales like NOAH, and they failed miserably because their interpretations of the Bible didn’t appeal to actual Christians nor did it appeal to the secular world.” 

Roumie added about THE CHOSEN, “Transitioning to mainstream entertainment is relatively new for us. Happy to do it, and I’m excited to branch out and produce to a bigger and wider audience to a show that I think has really taken a lot of people by surprise. The level of quality and the issues we’re tackling and sort of upsetting people’s notions of what we actually do on the show and how effective the show is.” 

“So grateful for H. Alan’s openness to exploring the need to have positive, faith-friendly content (and simply transparent discussions for that matter) in the entertainment community at large instead of attacking, discrediting, or discriminating against them,” the actor said of the episode on Instagram.

“If you’ve listened to ‘The Parting Shot’ before, you’ll know this isn’t a topic that is covered often but H. Alan gets particularly personal with his own faith journey and offers the work I’m doing and the mission I’m committed to a voice where it would be otherwise ignored, especially on such a notably mainstream and diverse podcast,” he continued. 

“Bravo to you sir for engaging ALL facets of culture, and not just the traditionally mainstream ones,” the JESUS REVOLUTION star added. 

“On a personal note, bringing stories of Light and Faith to those not actively seeking (but in desperate need of) them is a huge part of my vocation. And for this, I’m truly humbled by this opportunity to share these thoughts with a wider audience,” he concluded. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Roumie’s faith: 

Although Hollywood and culture are traveling in one direction, and Christians are traveling the opposite direction, actor Jonathan Roumie of THE CHOSEN encouraged actors to stand firm in the faith, ask discerning questions, and work to find the good in secular roles.

“The culture is, in general, at odds with faith but then it comes down to reality,” Roumie said in an interview. “What are the jobs you’re being offered? What about the job makes you uncomfortable [and] makes you uneasy?

“We have to remember as actors not to judge the characters we play,” he continued. “If there’s anything that you feel is compromising your spirituality that’s one thing, if you feel like he’s maybe a bad guy, well I try to find the good, I try to find Christ in all of these characters.”

Roumie said he tries to bring redeeming qualities to lost characters because that reflects his personal walk with faith.

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