Katy Nichole: ‘I Dream of Making Heaven Crowded’

Photo from Katy Nichole’s Instagram

Katy Nichole: ‘I Dream of Making Heaven Crowded’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Katy Nichole is sharing her desire to “all worship together” with her listeners. 

“When I started leading worship, it was just so beautiful because I feel like worship is such an intimate way to get to know the Lord, and, you know, I always felt like when I was singing and the Holy Spirit was filling me up…nothing was like that,” she said during an episode of 98.5 KTIS’s TOWER OF TRUTH. 

Nichole continued, “I just knew I wanted to allow others to feel that same experience and hopefully bring them into that space with me so we can all worship together.”

“I dream of making heaven crowded,” she said. 

Nichole also shared one of her biggest challenges at the moment: “Just staying focused on God.”

“I think that’s a very human thing,” she explained. “Just because I’m a Christian artist and I sing about Jesus and I talk about Jesus all the time, it does not mean my relationship is always [smooth]. I’m okay with that because I know that’s just a normal relationship with God, and so in those seasons, I’m just extra careful about using my time wisely. Being intentional is so important in your relationship with God.”

She continued, “The great thing about God is that, when I do fall, He’s still there to pick me up and He has done that so many times in my life. I’ve tried to control things — control relationships, control my career, control everything — and it’s like, if I just do it the way God wants me to do it, He’s just going to — He’s going to keep the tower together.”

Nichole has previously spoken about the ways God has steered her life and career. Despite loving music, she planned on pursuing a career in medicine and leaving music as a hobby. 

“Funny enough, after being certified as a medical assistant, doors started to close in that area; and they started to open in music,” she told the Omaha World-Herald. “I began to think, OK, God, I think You see something different than what I wanted for my own life,” Katy says. “I think our desires are sometimes different than what God has planned for us. A lot of times, we’ll think it’s going to be a certain way, and then God’s like, ‘Nope, this story is going to look a little different.’”

She recently celebrated her nomination for Female Artist of the Year at this year’s K-Love Fan Awards. 

“I am SO incredibly grateful to be nominated for ‘Female artist of the year !’” Nichole posted on Instagram. “It’s so insanely cool to be nominated alongside so many strong and inspiring women in this category. To say I’m honored would be an understatement!!”

Movieguide® previously reported on Nichole’s career:

“In Jesus Name (God of Possible)” singer Katy Nichole recently appeared on CBN’s STUDIO 5, sharing her experience of suddenly finding herself as a top Christian artist.

“I’ve been very blessed. I feel like this year and last year just are a lot of dreams come true,” Nichole said in the STUDIO 5 March 13 episode.

Last year, Nichole became famous overnight with her TikTok sensation song, “In Jesus Name.” Since then, it’s been a “whirlwind.”

“I’ve just grown up. I’ve grown up a lot. I think a year can change a lot in one’s life. I’m so grateful for you know the things that in ‘Jesus Name’ has, you know, brought into my life and how it’s allowed me to just continue to write music that you know is touching the hearts of so many people,” she shared. “But also just that is from my heart and is so deep from you know my story from my experience just everything in my life I get to write songs about that and it’s so cool.”

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