Kayleigh McEnany Prays For Revival: ‘We’re Battling For The Soul Of This Country’

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Kayleigh McEnany Prays For Revival: ‘We’re Battling For The Soul Of This Country’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In her new book, former press secretary and Fox News star Kayleigh McEnany shares her hopes for “revival.”

McEnany worked as the press secretary for former president Donald Trump. She left the White House in 2021 to begin a career in television. Today, she is the co-host of Fox News’ OUTNUMBERED. 

In her new book, “Serenity in the Storm,” McEnany shared a story about God reaching out to her at a moment when she needed Him most. 

“I was very lonely,” she told CBN News. “I was just trying to call anyone who would answer. No one was answering, my mom wasn’t answering. I’m like, ‘God if you’re there I just need to hear from you.’ And in that moment, my phone lit up and it was a number I didn’t know which normally I wouldn’t answer, but I’m like I’ll talk to this telemarketer if I have to, I’m that lonely.  So I answered the phone and it said this is The Journey Church, which was the church I was attending. ‘We feel like we need to pray for you, how can we pray for you?’”

McEnany continued, “And at that moment in my life I don’t even remember if it was a female or a male but it was the risen savior speaking through an emissary changing my life forever, changing my heart forever.”

McEnany frequently shares her faith while appearing on television, as well as her hopes for America.

“There’s such a yearning in this country and you look around at the horrible things that we are seeing – school shootings, anger, animosity, crime – I mean all different forms of evil. But they are all symptom of a much bigger problem and it is the problem of evil that is loose in this country,” she explained. “We as a country and especially, unfortunately among the younger generation have turned away from God.”

“My prayer is for revival,” McEnany went on. “There’s good versus evil playing out. It’s bigger than a political party. We’re battling for the soul of this country and young people, don’t turn to Washington, don’t turn to corporate America, turn to Christ. So that is my prayer, that this hatred, this division, this animosity that I don’t think really existed in the political landscape as much 15 years ago, 20 years ago – I want to see it go away and it only goes away when we turn to Christ.”

Movieguide® previously reported on McEnany’s faith:

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently reflected on motherhood and raising Christian children on a special episode of Fox Nation’s MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS OF THE BIBLE SPEAK.

McEnany’s mother joined her for the episode.

“From the moment of my first recollection, my parents taught me that Jesus Christ is at the center of your life,” McEnany shared. “I always knew that no matter what I was going through or struggling with, there was a Maker, a Person, a Creator Who had designed me for a purpose.” 

McEnany’s mother, Leanne, said that faith was a “very big” part of her family’s life. 

“I was given a very good foundation from my grandmother and grandfather and my mom and dad,” she continued. “My husband and I try to give that to our kids.” 

Leanne also discussed how motherhood was “the most beautiful gift from God” that she ever received. 

“I sat up late at night…when I was pregnant with (Kayleigh) and had ice-cream and had her room ready,” Leanne said. “I was just such a proud mom, and when she finally got here, it was beautiful. I knew that she was a gift sent from God.” 

Now that McEnany is a mother herself, she had her own thoughts on the gifts that being a mom can bring. 

“You start to feel your baby kick, and it’s just hard to believe that there is a child living within you that God has woven together, and that’s what the Bible tells us, that you’re knitted together in your mother’s womb,” she explained. “To feel her grow, to feel her kick and to finally see her for the first time, [she] was the most beautiful…girl I had ever seen in my life and… your heart kind of skips a beat.” 

McEnany said that she and her husband are planning to raise their child with the same Christian background they were brought up with. 

“My mom and dad were always clear I have a purpose,” she said. “I have a Maker. I have a Creator whose name is Jesus Christ. That meant going to youth group on Wednesdays, which I often did, and going to church on Sundays. Those moments were instrumental in my life.” 

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