Korie Robertson of DUCK DYNASTY Details How to Fight Fear and What’s Next for Them

Image courtesy of Korie Robertson on Instagram

Korie Robertson of DUCK DYNASTY Details How to Fight Fear and What’s Next for Them

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Camo, ducks and faith! That’s the bedrock of how believers came to know about the God-fearing family the Robertsons. Hailing from West Monroe, Louisiana, Korie and her husband Willie were lead cast members alongside their multigenerational family. Now, the two are happy grandparents to their first grandbaby, planning a wedding for their daughter Sadie, raising teenagers and expecting a second grandchild in the fall. With such an extensive load on her plate, Korie spoke about how she fights fear both privately and in the public eye.

Since its publication in 2012, Bob Goff, the celebrated author of the Christian book Love Does,  and his family have become friends with the Robertsons. Because of this, Korie was a featured guest on one of the latest episodes for his podcast. Opening up, Korie first mentioned how stardom in the public eye led those around them to fear that their family would change for worst. “Whenever the show first came out and we started telling people, ‘oh we’re going to have this reality show…’, [we heard] this real fear in people’s voices… all this horror.’”

Yet, Korie drew from biblical lessons to squash this talk. She remembered thinking, “we’re not supposed to be fearful! The Bible tells us “do not fear” over and over again.” Korie also noted that she feels like the show was a huge component of her family stepping into their “mission” for growing God’s kingdom.

“Fear is the biggest distraction!” Goff asserted. Korie followed, “you really need to lay that fear of acceptance down.” With their five children, before adopting their son Rowdy, Korie and Willie worked hard to instill healthy expectations about fear when it came to being an example with millions of people watching. “If you’re carrying the football, you’re going to be tackled, and you will [sometimes] fumble,” Korie relayed.

Still, during the six years that DUCK DYNASTY aired on A&E, Korie expressed that things weren’t perfect. “we had so many failures ….” she recalled, “we didn’t have a clue what we were doing.” On the other hand, the success of their show led to tons of people flooding their business’s website, causing it to crash and lose 18,000 orders of duck calls!

Goff asked Korie how she succeeds at keeping it real with people she encounters. She responded, “we are really fortunate to have a big family…. We do lean on one another for support…. Those people that will speak truth into you, not who will just tell you what you want to hear.”

In final thoughts, Goff asked Korie where she wants to be in ten years. “Number one: it’s going to be about family,” she said. Secondly, she mentioned that she wants to be more hands-on with producing valuable content, something Movieguide® frequently reminds readers is so needed today. Korie said, “it’s so important that we put out things that are positive.”