Lauren Daigle Declares ‘Humility is a Good Thing’

Photo from Lauren Daigle’s Instagram

Lauren Daigle Declares ‘Humility is a Good Thing’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian musical artist Lauren Daigle believes in the importance of staying humble.

“Humility is a good thing,” Daigle responded when asked about the biggest lesson she’s learned in her music career while at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. “And I know that there’s a lot of things vying for our affection, vying for the feeling of importance that we all somehow long for in our own unique little way, right?”

Daigle explained how a conversation with her nieces led her to teach them an important lesson about humility.

“I said, ‘OK, I’m gonna walk up on stage, and I’ll say this speech and, you know, whatever,” she said. “And they say, ‘What are you gonna do if you lose?’ And I said, ‘I’m gonna cheer everyone else on.'”

The singer also shared that many artists strive for success, but having a heart of humility is what true success looks like.

“There is so much pressure on so many different artists and so many people to sustain charts and do this, do that. And the truth of the matter is: humility is the thing that is so rewarding and so fulfilling, and it just…allows you to have longevity in this career and life and [have] joy in it,” she told CBN News.

Daigle was nominated for the Female Artist of the Year and the Artist of the Year awards. She also performed “Be Okay” with singer Ellie Holcomb.

“What a treasure to my soul is she,” Daigle posted of Holcomb along with a video of the duo warming up. “Someone to share the stage with while smiling, laughing, crying, and hugging along the way. A kindred spirit indeed. I love this moment. I didn’t know Ash was capturing it. Looking back at it, I love to see how much comfort there is in knowing that I get to do this with someone I call ‘friend.'”

Movieguide® previously reported on Daigle’s goal to use her music to spread hope to others:

Lauren Daigle wants her music to provide hope to people and fight the chaos in this world.

“People always say, ‘What’s the legacy? What’s the purpose in doing what I do?’ And I say, hands down, to give hope to the world,” Daigle said. 

The desire to bring hope to the world is the reason why Daigle writes Christian music. It also fuels her when she’s exhausted and doesn’t feel like she has the ability to show up for her fans.  

Daigle also hopes that her music and performances inspire other Christians to live out their faith and practice what they preach, caring for others and striving for unity over division. 

“We gotta live out these words that we’re preaching. We’ve gotta stand with this conviction and know, like, at the end of the day, how are we gonna unify? How are we gonna stand together on things? How are we gonna stop the chaos that’s all around? What are the things that we’re gonna do that are actually gonna improve the world?” Daigle said. 

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