LETTERS TO GOD Hears Good News from Moviegoers

By Jeff Holder, Managing Editor

The faith filled LETTERS TO GOD continues to draw people into the theater as part of the movement of hope that the movie has begun. While it lacks the marketing muscle of a CLASH OF THE TITANS, it makes up for it in word of mouth.

In fact, a survey of people attending the movie highlights the fact that the “viral” aspect of one person telling another person accounts for most of the $2 million + that has come into the box office already.

84% of those who have seen it say they would definitely recommend it. For most movies, that number hovers around 50 or 55%.

The reason why so many are eager to tell their friends and co-workers is that 66% of the audience rated the movie “excellent” compared to only 30 or 35% that is typically reported for movies.

Also, 95% rated the movie “positive,” which is a staggering response.

Kim Dawson, David Nixon and the whole cast and crew are to be commended for such a faith filled movie. And now that it is in theaters, they are able to see that moviegoers across the country are agreeing with them that LETTERS TO GOD is a movie everyone should see.

If you have not see it yet, you can go here to find a theater near you.


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