LOVE IS BLIND’s Zack Goytowski Reunites with Mother: ‘The One Thing We All Need is Grace’ 

Photo from Zack Goytowski’s Instagram

LOVE IS BLIND’s Zack Goytowski Reunites with Mother: ‘The One Thing We All Need is Grace’ 

By Movieguide® Contributor 

 Zack Goytowski wrapped up his time on season 4 of Netflix’s LOVE IS BLIND and had time to reflect and share a piece of his testimony.   

In an Instagram post titled, “The Receipts,” Goytowski opened up about the relationship between him and his mother and what it was like growing up.  

 He captioned the Instagram post, “We all can be someone’s hope in the hopelessness.”  

However, in the post, he shared ten slides that tell of his high school days and his childhood.  

“My senior year in high school, I was filled with anger and rage. My mother’s mental illness and addiction were out of control,” Goytowski opened.  

He went on to discuss that he would have rather of not come home at all after school. Somedays his room would be in shambles because his mother had gone through a manic state. 

 He moved constantly as a teenager and was never able to make lasting friendships.  

“There was no stability. Every time I made a friend, I’d have to move on and say goodbye,” he wrote.  

Goytowski went to youth group when he was in high school, that is where he learned about Jesus for the first time. He learned, “about a man who sacrificed everything so that others could be forgiven.”   

Later in college, Goytowski served in a homeless shelter hearing the stories of men and women who were at their lowest. After listening to all the stories, he realized the reason his mother kept flaking on him or canceling at the last minute, because she was homeless.  

He prayed that he would get an opportunity to see his mother. The next thing he knew, he had a missed call from her. He immediately picked up the phone and demanded to see her.  

“When I saw her, her face was gaunt. She looked like she hadn’t eaten or slept in weeks. I sat down with my mother that day. I hugged her, and I told her I forgave her for everything. She had still not forgiven herself. She was living at the time in a storage unit, using a space heater at night to keep warm,” Goytowski wrote. “She was at rock bottom, and she didn’t want me to know. I prayed with her that day. I prayed that she would overcome her addiction. I prayed she would be able to overcome her mental illness. And I told her how much I loved her. And it was after that day that everything changed.”  

Miraculously, his mother changed her life. She never did drugs again, she got her medications stabilized, and she spent the rest of her life serving those who are mentally and physically disabled.  

“They are moments that I never would have gotten if I held onto the pain of the past and chosen not to forgive. Grace isn’t fair. But if we choose to give it every day, we make the world a better place for everyone,” Goytowski stated.  

“When I was going through my mother’s things after she died, I found a small note. It was dated shortly after the day I sat down with her in that small town in the middle of nowhere. It said, ‘Somehow she found a little hope in her hopelessness.’ We all can be someone’s hope in the hopelessness,” he concluded.