MAGNUM P.I. Dropped by NBC, Will End After 2024 Season

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MAGNUM P.I. Dropped by NBC, Will End After 2024 Season

By Movieguide® Contributor

MAGNUM P.l. is coming to an end as NBC announced they would not be renewing the show past season 5. 

The decision to end the show came a year early as the options on the cast were due to expire on June 30th. The show, however, will have new episodes releasing through the 2023-2024 season before coming to a close. 

With the ongoing writer’s strike, networks have been very conservative with the shows they have continued to produce, passing on many pilots and dropping most bubble shows. With no knowledge of when scripted shows can begin production again, the network opted to cancel the show rather than renew early. 

The show’s fifth season was already split into two ten-episode parts, a loophole that allows networks to avoid giving show creators and cast members an annual salary increase. 

This isn’t the first time MAGNUM P.I. has been canceled. CBS dropped the show in May of 2022 after 4 seasons. Although the show had been a top 25 show in total viewers, showrunners could not come to an agreement on licensing fees with CBS, leading to the cancelation of the show altogether. NBC saved the show less than two months later with its 20-episode split-season.

While it is unlikely the show will be picked up by another cable network it is possible that a streaming service could once again save it from ending. MAGNUM P.I.’s viewership numbers were on par with other NBC scripted shows that were renewed. The show also holds a loyal fanbase, further increasing the odds that a streaming site picks it up. 

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