Marvin Sapp Shares Religious Journey in New Movie: ‘God Has a Way Of Keeping You Connected’

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Marvin Sapp Shares Religious Journey in New Movie: ‘God Has a Way Of Keeping You Connected’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Senior pastor and multi-platinum recording artist Marvin Sapp is opening up about his personal struggles in a new movie, NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT: THE MARVIN SAPP STORY. 

The movie’s title was inspired by his song of the same name, and tells the story of Sapp’s upbringing, battle against teenage alcohol abuse, music industry success, and the growing importance faith had on his life. 

Initially, Sapp was unsure about making a movie about his life. However, after the last two years of COVID-19 and lockdowns, Sapp thought his story might inspire others.

“Specifically in a season where people are experiencing so much loss, or have experienced it because of the pandemic, I felt like we needed some inspiration,” Sapp explained. “Hopefully, me sharing my life will inspire people, let them know that no matter how traumatic things may have been, there’s still triumph after it.”

Sapp narrates the movie, with LUKE CAGE actor Chaz Lamar Shepherd playing the part of Sapp. 

“It really made me feel good because I got to be a part of every aspect, from co-writing to executive producing, and starring in, so that’s a whole lot but I’m grateful and thankful all at the same time,” he shared. 

Sapp applauded the fact that the movie shows all aspects of his life, even the messy parts, because “people need to see a certain level of transparency.”

The movie also details Sapp’s relationship with God. 

“Church was a part of my core,” he explained. “[But] it was absolutely not in me [growing up.] But God has a way of keeping you connected and keeping you close, until you come into the knowledge of who you are supposed to be in Him, and that’s what happened with me.”

Sapp shared the three messages he hopes audiences to remember while watching NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT. 

“Number one: I want them to remember that no matter how far your child may have gone, that God still has His hands on them,” he explained. “Number two: I want them to remember that just because you have been diagnosed with a particular sickness, it does not mean that God cannot heal. 

“And then last but not least, I want them to remember that even if God doesn’t answer your prayers, the way you want Him to, He will give you the strength to endure whatever it is that you have to face. Behind every trial, there is a triumph.” 

Movieguide® has not yet reviewed NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT: THE MARVIN SAPP STORY and cannot advise on its content. 


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