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MATRIX Star Harry Lennix: ‘My Faith Means The World To Me’

Photo from Harry Lennix’s Instagram

MATRIX Star Harry Lennix: ‘My Faith Means The World To Me’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Harry Lennix is known for his onscreen roles, from THE MATRIX RELOADED to BATMAN V SUPERMAN. But before his turn on the screen, the actor once considered joining the priesthood.

Lennix shared that before launching his Hollywood career, he felt called to become a Catholic priest. While studying at Chicago’s Quigley Preparatory Seminary South, he started performing in plays and discovered a love of acting. 

“It was during that time, while I was pretty seriously interested in becoming a priest, that I really got exposed to the possibilities of a career in acting,” Lennix explained

“I was told that I was good at it, and I was encouraged to pursue it, even by the priest at the time,” he said. “Father Robert Bridge is the one who took me to my first professional play and started really encouraging me that I had a future at this.”

After graduating from Quigley, Lennix headed to Northwestern, where he majored in theater. However, he credits his theological studies as a major help when it came to improving his skills as an actor. 

“I think the realm of exegesis or hermeneutics or examining text, sometimes sacred texts in the case of the Bible, of course, it’s not that dissimilar from the way that the Bible is written,” the actor explained. “Shakespeare, for example, has a lot in common, a lot of consonance. The ability to take a piece of literature and to traumatize it, to bring it to life, to bring the word off the page, so to speak.”

He continued, “And it’s something that both people of the cloth, men and women of the cloth, and actors are able to do. I think we’re trained for it. And yeah, I think that there’s a great deal of intersectionality about exegeting a dramatic text and the sacred one.”

One of Lennix’s recent projects is the Pure Flix movie NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE is a lighthearted story about faith and perseverance, with powerful scenes of prayer. The movie tells an inspiring story of God’s faithfulness, the importance of a church family, and overcoming failure, but sports fans will notice inaccuracies about the sports scenes. However, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE is an uplifting, family-friendly story that teaches timeless truths from God’s Word Written, the Bible. MOVIEGUIDE® advises light caution for pre-teenage children for some adult themes.

Lennix said it meant a lot to take part in a film about faith.

“My faith means the world to me,” he shared. “It means more than the world, as a matter of fact. And these opportunities aren’t every day.” 

He continued, “But it was the opportunity today that I got to propagate a nice message, a good message, words that are the lessons and principles that we learn from scripture. It’s important to me as a man of faith to make my contribution in that manner.”

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