MAYA AND THE THREE Sends a Terrible Message to Young Children

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MAYA AND THE THREE Sends a Terrible Message to Young Children

By Movieguide Contributor

Just because it’s rated Y-7, as in for children seven years old and older, does not mean Netflix’s MAYA AND THE THREE is acceptable viewing for your family. 

MAYA AND THE THREE is about a Mexican tribe and their Princess, Maya. Maya tragically finds out that her father had an affair and who she thought was her mother is not. Sadly for Maya, her mother is the goddess of death. At her coronation, the Prince of Bats shows up and tells them that he is there to bring Maya to the underworld where she will be sacrificed to the goddess of death.

His pronouncement leads to an epic bloodbath with many lives lost. The young Maya learns she is part of a prophecy and must must find the other three mighty warriors to help her destroy the gate that leads to the gods. When she finds the other warriors, she embarks on her quest to fight the gods for her life and future. Netflix released MAYA AND THE THREE on October 22, 2021. All episodes are rated TV-Y7. However, starting from the first chapter, it’s quite obvious that the series lacks morality and is far from appropriate viewing for its target audience.

First and foremost, all of the characters practice polytheism, which is the belief in multiple gods. Many of these gods show up in the series, often under negative circumstances. In this stage of cognitive development, children must be taught that there is only one True God. Polytheism should be condemned, not celebrated. Furthermore, children can easily be frightened by these demonic and evil beings who wish to harm the main characters. Also, some characters question if the gods really exist. While the character is correct to call out this false worldview, it may encourage younger viewers to think that the one True God does not exist.

There is also a plethora of violence in this show and death is referred to after every battle, of which there are multiple in every episode. There’s even a FIGHT CLUB like scene where 15-year-old Maya is ready to throw some punches. In addition to violence, there is also the beliefs in folklore, magic, and witches. The Meca believe all too deeply in folklore and that such past stories control our present and future.

There is also magic is also used in every episode, from witches and wizards. There is also evil magic which is called “Peasant Magic” in the show that could harm and possibly kill others. 

Other sinfulness can include themes of cheating on one’s significant other and disobeying and disrespecting one’s parents. Calling people inappropriate names is also present in some battle scenes. There is also some upper male nudity that is covered in war paint, faces and other areas of the body are also covered in war paint. There are other acts in this series that are rude and sinful.

For these reasons, Movieguide® advises against anyone under the age of 13 watching MAYA AND THE THREE, and extreme caution for older teenagers and adults. 

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