Media-Wise Alert: LAND OF THE LOST is Not a Family Movie!

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher, and Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

The Hollywood studio that made Will Ferrell’s new movie LAND OF THE LOST is marketing it like a family movie. If you think, however, that this is Will’s follow-up to the charming family film ELF, think again.

In no way whatsoever is LAND OF THE LOST a family movie, much less a family-friendly movie.

This rambling exercise in sci fi comedy is filled with offensive, sexual, scatological, stoner jokes. Everything from pot to hard narcotics is extolled. Sex is a constant refrain for the jokes, with the touching of body parts and a graphic description of dinosaur body parts. Some of the violence is very bloody. Finally, in the story Will Ferrell’s character, Professor Rick Marshall, and his friends drink from a narcotic plant and get so stoned that they fantasize about homosexual sex. It is as if Will Ferrell and the producers wanted to put everything offensive they could imagine, including a blasphemous joke about Jesus.

There’s enough offensive material in this movie to give it an R rating instead of the PG-13 rating that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave it.

The PG-13 rating category presents a very dicey proposition for concerned parents and families. Some PG-13 movies, like the SPIDER-MAN movies or the first TRANSFORMERS movie, are accessible to family audiences, except for younger children. Other PG-13 movies are designed for more mature family members, like I AM LEGEND, IRON MAN or BATMAN BEGINS, but with a light or strong caution. Then, some PG-13 movies, like LAND OF THE LOST, THE LOVE GURU, the newer HARRY POTTER movies, or DRAG ME TO HELL, are extremely inappropriate for any audience of any age.

Thus, the ratings sham of Hollywood and the mouthpiece of the six major movie studios, the MPAA, continues!

Be carefully, therefore, about all the movies that Hollywood markets to your family and your children. Even if they seem to be innocent, and fairly clean of things like sex, ultra-violence, nudity, and substance abuse, they still may be inappropriate to your family or certain families because of their worldview and other content.

The HARRY POTTER movies and books are a perfect example of the latter kind of inappropriate PG or PG-13 movie. Not only do they contain scary monsters and scary occult content, they also have a worldview that extols witchcraft, rebellion, lying, homosexuality, elitism, and a politically correct viewpoint that implicitly attacks Christianity and that promotes a “progressive,” left-wing (and perhaps even neo-fascist) view of identity politics.

Whatever you think about the HARRY POTTER movies and books and the other movies we mentioned, however, it is clear that LAND OF THE LOST is a putrid, scatological, abhorrent movie that should never have been made the way that it was.

LAND OF THE LOST could have been a really fun, family-friendly movie, but Will Ferrell and his friends blew it. Looking back on Ferrell’s career, it has become clear that he has been headed down the wrong track for a long time. His worldview seems to be a warped one that enjoys being offensive to traditional American, biblical values and being politically correct, perhaps to fit some sort of unspoken cultural or political agenda. We pray that this disturbed young man finds Jesus Christ and begins to serve God in the way that he was really meant to do.

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