‘Memes for Jesus’ Creator Trusts God Amid Son’s Health Struggles

Photo from Michael Schaffer’s Instagram

‘Memes for Jesus’ Creator Trusts God Amid Son’s Health Struggles

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Michael Schaffer, the creator of the popular “Meme for Jesus” Instagram account, is opening up about how he and his wife trusted God as their newborn son struggled with health issues.

Schaffer’s son, Ezra Jude, was born last April. He told Matthew Baker during a “Barber Chair” talk that when his wife was 20 weeks pregnant, they learned their son had a condition called a diaphragmatic hernia. It “is a hole in your diaphragm that causes all of your abdominal organs to form inside of the chest cavity,” he said.

“They had to do surgery on him at about 9 days old to put everything in his stomach where it was supposed to be, and he was in the NICU for 2 and 1/2 months after birth,” Schaffer added.

A few months after coming home, his son developed a bad stomach virus, which landed him back in the hospital for another month.

“Through it all, God’s just been really faithful. We’ve got such an amazing support community around us, through our families and friends, and we’ve never experienced any sort of need or loss or financial worry or fear in that,” he shared. “And we were just always able to focus on giving him what he needs and just being able to focus on him.”

He also shared how he keeps his faith in God regardless of the circumstances.

“We’re not going to lose track or lose sight of who God is and his goodness despite our circumstances because he works miracles around us every single day that we often fail to notice,” Schaffer added.  

“How would you say that you stick to both: one, praying for the miracle but also still trusting in God for whatever he’s going to do,” Baker asked.

“It’s so important to reflect on what He’s done for us already and just knowing how far he’s brought Ezra, and what he’s brought Ezra through,” Schaffer responded.

Today, Ezra is doing much better. 

“There’s still baby steps that need to be taken to get him to further healing and to help him develop in the best way that he can,” Schaffer said. 

He also mentioned that Ezra is undergoing another minor surgery this month, but it’s nothing compared to what he had to go through last year. 

Schaffer shares updates about Ezra on his Instagram. 

Last September, he said, “This week Ezra turned 5 months old! We didn’t expect to celebrate this milestone at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but here we are again. Ezra is still small but oh so mighty. He loves to play with his toys and talk to his pacifier. He’s doesn’t like being still or the sound of bags crinkling.”


Please keep baby Ezra in your prayers as he is on his way to complete healing.

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