In Memoriam: C. D. Jebasingh


In Memoriam: C. D. Jebasingh

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Over a quarter of a century ago, I was invited to speak in India at the Bombay Communications Institute. Blessings occurred, including every student except one coming to Jesus Christ in my class, and many, many significant ripples have continued until today. My host, the Rev. Dr. C. D. Jebasingh, affectionately known as Jeba, invited me back year after year.

Finally, two years ago, I went back, and Jeba had diligently and dutifully grown his ministry in India to mirror what MOVIEGUIDE® and the Christian Film & Television Commission do in America.

When we met in Mumbai at that time, Jeba was deeply grateful and touched at the Divine inspiration of our ministry in Hollywood had had on his ministry in India. Jeba cried as he thanked me and MOVIEGUIDE® profusely.

Inspired in part by our work in Hollywood, he organized a big awards gala and helped launch several Bollywood movies with explicit Christian content. One of the singers at the Awards Gala I attended, who was the number one most popular singer in India, had come to Jesus Christ at Jeba’s awards ceremony.

On March 14, 2015, the Rev. Dr. C. D. Jebasingh passed on to Glory but not without leaving a significant Christian mark on the gigantic Bollywood entertainment industry.

Jeba’s son-in-law and our friend David Peters wrote:

“Jeba always talked about you and Movieguide and his love for you and your work and his association through your teaching session in the early days of Galilean Ministries in Mumbai. He was happy that you could come and give our people an update on the impact Movieguide has had on the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood.  How much he hoped that you would come and teach a few sessions to the new media generation.”

I’m eternally grateful for his work, and I’m grateful to you for your support, which has allowed MOVIEGUIDE® to not just impact the Hollywood entertainment industry but the entertainment industries throughout the world. Please continue to help redeem the mass media of entertainment, by donating here. 



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