Mike Lindell Announced a New Social Media that Protects Free Speech, Fights Big Tech Censorship

Photo from Mike Lindell’s Instagram

Mike Lindell Announced a New Social Media that Protects Free Speech, Fights Big Tech Censorship

By Movieguide® Staff

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced plans to create a new social media platform, Vocl, to preserve free speech.  

“Every single influencer person on the planet can come there. You’re going to have a platform to speak out,” Lindell told Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk. “It’s not just like a little Twitter platform.”

He continued: “It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. It’s all about being able to be vocal again and not to be walking on eggshells.”

Lindell understands first-hand social media censorship. Twitter and YouTube banned the avid supporter of former President Donald Trump after he expressed his view that the 2020 election was fraudulent.   

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According to an Economist/YouGov poll, Lindell was not alone in his conclusion.  

“According to a recent Economist/YouGov Poll, three-quarters (75%) of registered voters think voter fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election,” YouGov reported

Moreover, retailers dropped his MyPillow products from their shelves, costing Lindell $65 million.  

Movieguide® reported

Lindell’s ban from social media is not the only consequence he has faced due to his support of former President Donald Trump. A long list of retailers, including major companies like Bed Bath & Beyond, have removed MyPillow products from their shelves.

Lindell said that faithful customers are keeping his business alive.

“Cancel culture just keeps on spreading, they just keep piling on,” Lindell said. “[But] They’re the ones losing the real customers, they end up coming right to MyPillow now.”

According to Business Insider, YouTube and Vimeo removed Lindell’s two-hour movie, ABSOLUTE PROOF. Lindell said that 140 million people viewed the movie before the tech companies took it down.  

Vocl will launch within the next few weeks, according to Lindell.